Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy 1st Day of Spring!!

Well, today is supposedly the first day of spring...

The high is supposed to be 30 degrees today - now that is anything but springlike!

Hey Brutus - lets go look for spring...

Nope, its not out here

Hey Dad, while we search for spring - how about a new toy....  a nice new rope perhaps?

Nope, not there either...

Did you find it Brutus?
Well we have looked for spring high and low and it is nowhere to be found...

Here's hoping spring has arrived in your area!! 

If not, our advice is to nap on it - preferably in a nice warm bed ;)

THINK SPRING!!  It can't hide from us forever... can it?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Brutus!!

Hard to believe this sweet boy is 9 today!!

He got a sweet treat this morning with breakfast - daddy bought some Dos-si-dos girl scout cookies just for Brutus' birthday.  Brutus was nice enough to share with Ellie...

Some pics from through the years :)

Puppy Brutus

Almost 1 year old

2 Years

3 Years

4 Years

5 Years

6 Years

7 Years

8 Years

9 Years

Happy Birthday Brutus!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rope Addiction

Mama says I have a rope addiction...

Well, I think she may be right - what do you think?

A Year Gone...

A year gone but never, ever, forgotten...

Pug mama here for this post.

Not sure I can find the right words for this post, but I am sure going to try...

I will never forget the call that came that told me that my precious Yoda had gone to the bridge - it was very sudden and unexpected.  I could not bear to see him before his body was taken to the vet to be cremated.  I wanted to remember him as he was in life and not in death.  I have faith that he was not alone when he took his last breath and that his little brother, Brutus, was there by his side so he was not alone.

We do not know what took our little boy - our firstborn pug, if you will - and we will never know in this lifetime.  All I know is that he is missed every day.

Brutus and Ellie do their best to fill the void in my heart - and they do in their own ways.

Yoda was something special though - my heart dog.  He knew my moods and when I wasn't feeling well.  He was always there for me when I needed him.  I get migraines from time to time and he would always curl up near my legs just to keep me company.  The first time I had a migraine after he passed was very difficult.

Each day that passes gets better.  The memories I have of him bring more smiles now than tears.  We have a memorial shelf for him with his ashes and other bits and pieces to remember him by.  His leash and collar still hang from the same hook...  We still cannot bear to take it down...

One of the cards on that memorial shelf has the following saying on it:

Our loved ones never truly leave us...
They live on in the kindness they showed,
The comfort they shared,
and the love they brought into our lives.

Yoda, you were a very bright star whose light burned out way too soon.

I love and miss you sweet boy....

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