Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, October 16, 2009


Hey we are back - at least momentarily. Mom has been very busy the last couple of weeks so she hasn't had time to let us blog. Mom works in insurance and has been studying for her West Virginia Insurance Adjuster License exam (we don't live in WV, but she says that since her company does business there this is something she has to have). This is on top of her college classes that she is taking this semester - she has been studying for a test for one of those classes too.

Well, the insurance adjuster license exam was on Thursday and we are happy to say that she passed! We can tell she is more relaxed, but she still has one more Insurance Adjuster License exam to take for Wyoming. Apparently WV and WY are reciprocal to the rest of the states that require adjuster's to be licensed.

Anywhooo, we haven't been up to too much, just trying to be quiet so mom can study (**Note from Mom - No they haven't - Yoda has been his usual self and barking at the falling leaves and of course the squirrels outside)

We did get some new sweatshirts (mom and dad think we need something to wear since we snuggle up under the blankets on the couch all of the time - if they would just turn the heat up we would be fine.

Our new sweatshirts do have one nice feature - the hoods can be pulled down over our eyes when we are sleeping - which from our wordless wednesday photos makes it appear that we sleep all of the time :)

Hope everyone is well. We have been trying to keep up on reading blogs, but haven't been commenting too much. Mom has another 8 weeks of classes and then winter break in between semesters. Hopefully we can blog a bit more during that time.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Meetup

We stole the computer away from mom for a bit so we could post some pictures from the meetup that we went to on Saturday. Ok, we really didn't have to steal the laptop from mom, as she us get on because she was frustrated with homework and needed to relax a little bit.

We had a great time on Saturday and got to see our pug and human friends.

Here we are on our way!

We were both so excited...Pug Meetup is our favorite time of the month !

Mom had to laugh at this long snouted doggy that was so well trained that he was carrying around his own leash....what a way to make the rest of us look bad...

Dad giving love to another pug.

I was doling out the kisses...this woman was very sweet to accept them :) She even gave me some butt scritches.

Dad chillin' with Brutus.

Here's our bud Hank....

...and his sister Molly - she was modeling her new jacket.

Here's Lilo giving her mom, Jessica, some adoration.

Mom loves this picture of Pippin aka the Pugfather from the Pug Posse.

The Indy Bloggers minus a few. Check out one of the Pug Posse members checking out the bag on the end for goodies...I wonder if he found anything good?

Brutus was so tired on the way home...

Not me, I was still rarin' to least for a couple of minutes until I decided to follow Brutus's lead and take a nap. It was a very good choice.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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