Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, August 20, 2012


A few weeks ago, one of mom's furiends rescued a pug.  This guy was used by a backyard breeder as a stud and finally was going to live the life that every pug deserves - a life of luxury including napping, eating and playing with his new siblings.  He even got a new name for his new life - Brando.

Brando had to make a trip to the vet this week and what they found was not pretty....  Hook worms, whip worms and the dreaded heartworm!!

Heartworm invades the heart and slowly destroys the heart and is fatal if left untreated.  It's very important that your parents use a heartworm preventative to keep this from happening to you!!  You can find more information on heartworm and heartworm prevention here.

Brando's dads have rescued and are owned by several dogs, including two other pugs, a chihuaha and a St. Bernard!  They truly are special people and are heartbroken that sweet Brando has these nasty worms.  

We ask that you send some good healing juju and prayers Brando's way so that he gets through the heartworm treatments with no complications.

You can also visit Brando's Dad's blog here.

Monday, August 13, 2012

A little bit of Luck and some sunshine

Mom & Dad abandoned us yesterday to go downtown for some Luck...  

What's that mom?  Oh, you went to the Colts game and saw the new quarterback Andrew Luck.  The Colts played the St. Louis Rams.  

Check out the seats they had - front row!!
View from the seats (no zoom)

Dad watching the teams warm up

National Anthem
Watching the game
Andrew Luck throws for a touchdown on his first snap of the game!!

When mom & dad got home, we got some playtime outside since the temps were pug friendly...

Mom just loves this picture of Dad and Brutus...
Run, Brutus, Run

I was just chilling and watching the boys play :)

We hope all of our furiends had a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

500 Festival of Pugs!!

We were so excited yesterday - we got to go to the 500 Festival of Pugs!!  This was a fundraising event for Kentuckiana Pug Rescue.

On our way!  Ellie was very excited since she knew she was going to see her Auntie Annie (she is the one who bottle fed Ellie and her siblings when their mother could not take care of them)
Ellie - "are we there yet??!!"
 Our buddy Jax - he was enjoying a braided rope from Pugs In The Kitchen.

There were all kinds of dogs at the event, like this Poodle (Ellie didn't care for the big dogs and kept barking at them).

And there was this guy - his name was Bosco and he really loves stuffies!  He jumped up and grabbed it, wouldn't let go and was just hanging around.

Ahhh, success!!

This is Mr. Claude

Eli of the Pug Posse.

Penny is a foster pug - she is such a pretty girl but is a bit shy yet.

Bosco and his sister Olive

Meet Ozzie, he is another foster pug from KPR.  He was working the crowd for donations - he suffered heat stroke a couple of weeks ago and had to be hospitalized. He recovered from the heat stroke but it caused some additional issues that will have ongoing medical costs.

This girl was just so cute in her new tutu!

Here I am keeping dad company

Salinger, his brother Toby and his peeps were there too!


Ellie was relaxing for a bit (she says it's tough being as cute as she is.... whatevs...)

This is how you do cute!!

Our furiend Zoe

Zoe and her sister Liberty (mom failed to get pics of their brothers Peyton & Webster)

Some pugs waiting for that special someone to find and adopt them...

Apollo getting some belleh rubs 

Ellie was showing off the jersey that Webster got for her....  She thinks it's pretty nice, but since it isn't a Chicago Bears Jersey, I don't think much of it....

Auntie Jess was there with Mia!!

Hey mom, you gonna get us some treats or what??

 On our way home - Ellie passed out...

I took a nap on the way home too...

Ellie's butt made a good pillow...

We hope everyone had as good of a weekend as we did!!
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