Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not the ideal way to get attention...

The day started out like normal yesterday but then Mom and Dad loaded all three of us into the car and we headed out...  we love car rides but this one ended at the vet's office which we weren't too thrilled about.
This was a new vet's office but we were pleasantly surprised to see our regular vet there!!  We love Dr. Ritz!!  She always takes such good care of us :)

Well apparently Brutus and Ellie were just along for the ride as this visit was all about me - this was my yearly checkup.  I also had an incident with a tick earlier in the week and Dr. Ritz had to dig out the part that mom couldn't get with the tweezers.  I would post pictures, but it looks pretty nasty.

Waiting for the vet...

My left ear has been bothering me and Brutus has been having problems hearing so she swabbed our ears and it came back that we both have a yeast problem in our ears...  Brutus is Mich worse than mine and his ear canal in both ears was blocked.  We got ear drops to take care of that nasty yeast! 

It was such a beautiful day yesterday and we enjoyed being out for a bit.  Well, we got home and my face started feeling funny.  I tried rubbing it with my paws and also against pretty much anything that I could fine.  Mom noticed me rubbing my face and had me come over to her.  She looked concerned and I heard her say that my face looked puffy.  A call to the vet's office and we were on our way back - but just with me this time.

Does my face look puffy to you??  These pics were taken on the car ride back to the vet.

We got to the vet's office and they met mom & I at the door and took me right back.  I had to get a steroid shot to help take the puffiness down.  Then we got to wait in the lobby for a while to make sure the puffiness was going down.

I was so ready to go home and just sleep for a while.  Mom & Dad stopped at Burger King for lunch on the way home and Mom fed me french fries - I NEVER get french fries!!  So I guess there was a bright side to the situation. 

We finally got home and Dad got out a nice fuzzy blanket for me to sleep on - he's a good Dad :)

I am feeling much better today, thank goodness!! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Ok, little sister is really talkative and hasn't let me or Brutus on the blog in awhile...  I had a hard time just wrestling the computer out of her paws to do this post. 

To get back at her for hogging the bloggy, Brutus & I decided that the following picture would be appropriate to post. 

BOL!! Dad took a picture of Ellie doing her bizness!!

ok, we'll be nice and follow it up with this sweet picture of Ellie giving mom kisses.

This big brother thing can be exhausting.  I know just what to do - find a nice spot in the recliner with dad. 

or at the bottom of a pug pile ;)

Brutus' comfy spot is his sock monkey bed. 

We hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pawty Time!!

I would like to say thanks again for all the birthday wishes!!  I am blessed to have so many furiends.

Mama loaded me up in the car on Saturday morning and we headed over to the Pug Posse house to help get ready for my birthday bash.  The Pug Posse was kind enough to host my pawty since we don't have a fenced in yard at our house.

It wasn't too long before the pawty was in full swing!

Here is my Miss Mia - she was wearing her best pawty dress...

Yoda was chilling on the corner of the couch checking out the action...

Brutus was making sure I was having a good time.  Check out my new sweatshirt that the Pug Posse gave me!  

My teacher stopped by too and brought his puppy, Banshee - she is just 6 months old...  We had fund chasing each other around in the backyard.

And Pugnacious P herself, Payton came to my birthday bash too!!  Here her dad is giving out blueberries - they were delicious.  Her Mom, Gammy & Gampy were there too!  They were all soooo nice. 

Banshee was showing Aunt Jess how she was going to take the food off of her plate later in the evening :)  That is Payton's Gammy & Gampy in the background.

Check out the awesome cake that Aunt Laura made!!  This was for the humans to eat...

Making the rounds...

Tiffy was there too!!  I thought she looked very cute in her dress :)

Yoda got caught sticking his tongue out at me - silly brother....

Payton's Gampy was giving some good scritches....  That is Salinger on the floor...

and Payton again...

Finally it was time for cake... Are you sure I can't have any of this cake mama??  

Mama, me and the cake :)

Then it was time for the doggy birthday cake...

A picture of me enjoying my birthday cake - it was delicious!!

Every puggy getting birthday cake...

Hank was chilling...  

Aunt Laura, Payton & Aunt Jess...

Yoda was having a good time - mama just loves this picture with his big smile.

Tiffy checking out the back of the couch.

Dad was being silly and hiding behind me... I guess he didn't want his picture taken.

Apollo was hanging out on the arm of the couch as the pawty neared its end.

I think Hank was telling a story here - "I tell ya what....  "

I just couldn't keep my eyes open any more and had to take a nap on mama.

I want to thank everyone for coming to my pawty and making it so special.  I did get some gifts but mama hasn't had a chance to take pictures of me with them yet.  I also got several donations in my name given to Kentuckiana Pug Rescue.  


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