Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Visit with Furiends

It was a beautiful day today and we got to go enjoy some fresh air and sunshine with some furiends of ours.

This here is Pauly - he is 6 months old.
and his sister China Mae who is around the same age as Brutus at 9...

Brutus was checking out the backyard to make sure it was safe for everyone.

Mom kept gushing over Pauly and how cute he is...  whatevs, no way he is cuter than moi!

I mean look at how cute I am carrying this tennis ball...  adorable right?!

Feeling each other out.

hahahahaha - fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me!!

Taking a break.

Back at it!

Brutus was just chilling and watching Pauly and I play

Treat time!!

annnnd Pauly is out!!

We had a blast with Pauly and China Mae and can't wait to do it again!!  The warm weather today was a nice reprieve from the cold and nasty weather we normally have this time of the year!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Keeping Warm!

Brutus and I plan on staying warm by curling up some blankets - it was only 19 degrees when we got up this morning!!  Can you believe that mom still made us go outside to potty?!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Catching up...

So mom had to travel to Connecticut for some work thing back at the beginning of December... 

When she got back, we found out that she got to visit with the mom of some of our favorite pugs; Wilma, Sluggo & Brigitte!!

They went to eat at this cool place called The Corner Pug!

What is really cool is that she gave mom a picture of Yoda, Brutus & I and it now resides at The Corner Pug so that everyone can enjoy our cuteness!!

Mom with our picture at the Corner Pug in Hartford, CT!

AND we got pressies from them too!!  

We got this cool Woodstock stuffy...


Hahahaha Brutus, you can't catch me!!

 Having a discussion with the stuffies

 Brutus playing with the little stuffed pug we got...

 "I got it!!"

 Brutus somehow managed to get Woodstock away from me...

Thanks Wilma, Brigitte & Sluggo!!  We love our new toys!!
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