Sunday, May 27, 2012

Milwaukee PugFest - Part 2

Yay!  On our way to PugFest from the hotel!!

There were soooo many people and pugs there!

The Pugs In The Kitchen booth :)

It was warm in the building and this guy was taking time to cool off on the cool floor.

Some cute pug and dog shirts.

I thought this girls collar accessory was very cute.

Here I am!! Mama bought me this cute tutu - don't I look fabulous in it!! 

There were pug races too.

Mia and her Mama in the Pugs In The Kitchen booth.

It was hard work being cute and barking at people to come buy treats - I was exhausted by the end of the day.

We are planning on going to Milwaukee PugFest again next year - it was a blast!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guys Weekend!

Brutus here - that Ellie sure knows how to yap!

Well, while Ellie was off having fun with Mom in Milwaukee...  it was just us guys here at home.  I had Dad all to myself!!

Dad and I had some splendid adventures.

I got to ride shotgun!  That never happens when mom is here.

This is so much fun!

We went for a walk....  I was sooo tired afterward!

Still napping...

....still napping

It was kind of odd not to have little sister interrupting my nap schedule.

I played with a few toys...

Ok, I admit it.  I really missed mom and Ellie - while it was nice to have some guy time, it just wasn't the same without the girls here.

Ellie will be back later this week with part two of her Milwaukee adventure.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Milwaukee PugFest - part 1

I have to tell you all about my adventure this weekend!  Mama took the day off on Friday and was baking treats for Pugs In The Kitchen - they smelled so delicious - Brutus & I were official taste testers for the day :)

On Friday evening, Mia and her mama came over and spent the night so we could get on the road on Saturday morning to head to Milwaukee for Milwaukee PugFest.  This was a girls weekend, so Brutus & Daddy stayed home for a guys weekend.
Are we there yet?
How about now?
Still not there?  Guess I will nap
 This is the bridge that we had to cross...

Headed north into Chicago!

Mia taking a brief nap

Yay!!  We finally made it!!  Only 5+ hours in the car....

We got unpacked, relaxed a bit and then it was time for pre-pugfest festivities!

This is our furiend Zoe and her mama - you might know her and her siblings from their blog.

and Kiki!!

Kiki's brother, Stewie was looking debonair in his black tie.

Miss Mia got a new bandana!!  You might recognize the fabric, it is made from fabric created by Archie's mama.

Kiki & Stewie with their mama.

This is all from Saturday...  I will be back later this week to fill you in on Sunday and Monday's activities :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Helllloooo Weekend!!

Our weekend started off with a surprise...

Our furiend Eli is staying with us for the weekend!!  
Brutus & Eli just hanging out.

I had a vet appointment this morning and Eli came along for moral support (I am ok, just had to get my yearly examination)

This is mom's new favorite picture of moi :)
Waiting for the vet

Brutus came along to the vet's too - he has a yeast infection in his ears and got some medicine to make it all better.

Mom and dad left us to go see a movie about avengers...  they also came home with some flowers, but mom didn't have time to plant them today.  I will say they are some pretty flowers!
taking a nap after a long day...
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!
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