Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday



From Left - Brutus & Yoda



Monday, July 26, 2010

Look What We Got!!

Brutus here .... Look what mom & dad found for us me!  

A sock monkey bed, just like Josie with Those Elgin Pugs has!!

We couldn't decide if it was a toy or a bed at first.

Yoda has no more interest in the bed and would much rather sleep on the couch, so I have it all to myself.

Hey Izzy, I know it doesn't look like there is any more room in this bed but I can move over a bit and we can share (mom put it inside my bigger bed so there is room!).

Yoda & I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

It is HOT here in Central Indiana!!  We have been limited to going outside for potty time only.  The heat index today is supposed to reach 107!!

While we get to enjoy the A/C, there are many dogs out there that are suffering.  We are talking about those that are left outside in the extreme heat by uncaring owners, backyard breeders and puppy mills.  Kentuckiana Pug Rescue helps the pugs rescued from these inhumane conditions, but KPR needs your help too!!

You can help Kentuckiana Pug Rescue help those pugs in need!!  Please go here and vote for KPR.  Help them win so they can continue to help those that need them!!  You can vote once a day per IP address - so vote at home, work and on your cell phone, if it has internet capability!!

If you would like to donate direct to KPR, you can also do that via their website.

For those of you within driving distance, KPR's next fundraising event will be held in Lebanon, IN at the Boone County Fairgrounds - more details can be found here.

KPR is currently caring for Sassy and her 7 puppies - you can check out the live feed here.  They also have another rescued pug that is expecting as well.  Chyna is due to give birth in just a couple of weeks.

Thank you for visiting - we hope everyone out there is keeping cool!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Toy Time...

Hey everyone... First off, we would like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments yesterday - we will be sure to pass them on to the Pug Posse.

Ok, now let's get to today's post.  Mom and dad bought us some pawsome stuffies this past weekend.  Some of you may recognize the following fellas.

Meet Eeyore and Tigger :)  

Mom and dad bought these from some store called Kohl's - we don't know what kind of pet store this is, but we have several stuffies from there that we have yet to kill.

Here I am all ready to play with Tigger - woo hoo hoo!!

Brutus had a crack at Eeyore.

Check it out :)

Ta Ta For Now!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It is with much sadness...

Another member of the Pug Posse passed away early this morning.  Sweet little Bernice has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Please keep the Pug Posse Pawrents, Vikki & Denny, in your thoughts and prayers.  This is the second loss for them in the past month - they lost sweet Jasmine in early June.

Our hearts are breaking with this sad news....

We just saw Bernice on Saturday at pug meetup, here she is with her momma.

Here she is on Dad's lap when we went to Apollo's Birthday Party.

Bernice was a special girl and was taken from us way to soon :'(

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Pug Posse.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July Pug Meetup

We had such a fun day yesterday at pug meetup.  We got to see some of our bloggy friends and their pawrents and we met some new friends as well :)

I checked out the scene when we arrived.

Salinger's Mom was passing out treats

Salinger's Dad giving Apollo some good butt scritches


Me and Hank checking out something good smelling in the grass

Dad and Brutus just chillin'

There was alot of running around being done

We got to meet this frenchie named Ella

She was very sweet.

This big guy was Rocco...

Rocco again...

He was the biggest pug we have ever seen - just look at him in comparison to me!!!

Lilo and her wonderful momma Jess.

Jess put together a scrapbook for the Pug Posse Pawrents in memory of their sweet Jasmine who went to the bridge not too long ago.  Several bloggy friends contributed pages to the book.

This special marker was given to them as well.

Miley and her mom.

Miley showing off her frog legs :)

Pug Posse Mom with Berniece.

Blogger Photo

Time to go...

On the way home.

We hope everyone had a great weekend, we sure did!!
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