Sunday, November 29, 2009

Relaxing Holiday Weekend

It was a nice relaxing holiday weekend around here.  Both mom & dad have been off from work since Wednesday and we have pretty much just been keeping an eye on them and making sure that they relaxed a little bit during their time off.  We made sure we took lots of naps as an example of what they should be doing.

Brutus & Yoda



Mom cooked Thanksgiving Dinner and Gandpa (Dad's Father) came down for Thanksgiving.  We got a few scraps but nothing too much from the table.  What Mom did give us was a nice treat - kongs stuffed with pumpkin and then frozen, boy were they good!

We didn't get a chance to do a Thanksgiving post so we wanted to let everyone know what we are thankful for: Family, Pug Friends and their families, our blogger friends and just life in general.  We never knew how many wonderful friends we would find in just the short period of time that we have been blogging.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend!

We love you all!! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, November 20, 2009

Paw it Forward

We got a special package in the mail yesterday.  It was from our friends Tuni & Sequoia (and their mama) for Paw it Forward.  Mom said we had to wait to open the package until after we had supper.  While we were eating, our kitty brother Miko was checking it out.

I think he was jealous (as well he should be).

Einstein tried to help us open it (she probably thought that there was something in there for her, silly kitty)

Dad helped us open it.

Look at all the goodies we got!!

These wonderful little stockings with our pictures on them are just wonderful (Mom put them on the fridge with some magnetic clips)

Isn't the card the cutest!

Brutus saw something he wanted.  Look at him stretch.

Tennis Balls - Brutus loves them, although they did keep rolling under the sofa.


Yoda's big head got in the way :)


Brutus - he was so happy :)


I decided to check out the tennis balls too.  I played with them a bit too, but not as obsessed as Brutus was. (Note from Mom - Brutus wanted to play with tennis ball more than get a treat or eat dinner tonight).

We also got some bones, but mom says we will have to wait until this weekend for those so she and Dad can keep an eye on us.  There was also some candy canes in the stash for mom.

We will have a wait a couple of weeks before we do our Paw it Forward.  Mom has a couple of big projects due for school and she wants to concentrate on that first.  She said she has some ideas for our paw it forward so it should be interesting to see what she comes up with - stay tuned.


Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, November 9, 2009

November Pug Meetup w/ Special Guests

Hey everyone, we had a great weekend!!  On Saturday we got to go to Pug Meetup and Mom told us that a couple of very special guest would be there but she wouldn't tell us who it was.

There were a lot of pugs in costume at this meetup as it was the special Howloween edition.  There was a costume contest and our buddy Lilo came in first place - say Howwwwdyyyyyy!  She was Minnie Pearl!

Here are some of our other furiends in costume.


Here are some other random costumed pugs

Some more random pics from meetup

We didn't see anyone special there at first and thought maybe mom was starting to lose it a bit when we saw them....It was Heather with Harry Pugalicious all the way from Birmingham!!!  What a great surprise!

Here's Harry checking things out.

We had a ton of fun at Pug Meetup and here is the Indy Blogger photo with our special guests, Heather & Harry (Just ignore the three posers in the back on the upper right - we don't know who they are, bastages snuck in our picture!).

After the regular meetup, the Pug Posse was kind enough to have a mini-meetup back at their house so everyone could spend some more time with Heather & Harry.  Of course Brutus and I think it was just an excuse for them to get together and eat (us pugs don't need excuses to eat).

We do have to say that it was nice to meet Heather & Harry in person, errrr pugson?...


Dad with Berniece of the Pug Posse

Denny (Pug Posse) offering Hank a beer

Sarah (Hank's Mom) eating some of Mom's apple pie...with some help :)


I (Yoda) was just chillin' on Mom's lap towards the end of the night

Hank found a good spot on Laura's (Salinger's Mom) lap for some good butt scratches

We took another Indy Blogger picture too, without the posers this time.

It was nice hanging out with all of our other pug furiends and people too.  We always look forward to the Pug Meetups as they are always so much fun and everyone is always so nice.
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