Friday, April 17, 2015

Ball Time!!

It's finally getting warmer out, so mom took us outside to play in the back yard....

Throw the ball!!!


Otto's got his eye on the ball

Pippa had a blast playing catch with mama!!

Gotta get dat ball!!

Brutus wasn't too interested in playing, but did enjoy spending time outside in the nice weather.

Have a great weekend furiends!!

Friday, April 3, 2015


We all know how much Ellie likes her ropes.  Well, Otto and I decided to get in on the action.

this tug of war thing is kind of fun!!

Go away Ellie, Otto and I are having fun!!! 

Ellie broke up the fun that Otto and I were having and finally got her hold on the rope. 

 .... and success -- Ellie's the happiest when she has the rope all to herself!

Happy Friday Furiends!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015

March In The Pugs!!

Hey guys, Otto here!  I got to go to a fun event this past weekend.  March In The Pugs - it's a fundraiser for Kentuckiana Pug Rescue  (where I came from!!) - yes, believe it or not, I am half pug!!
Anyway...  I got to see two of my litter mates while I was there!!  I was so excited to see them!  The pic below is of my brother, Ripley -- and we found out that he and his parents live just 10 minutes from us!!  
And then I saw my sister, Bette.  We all had fun seeing each other :)

Look at all the great raffle items.

Mom had to get us a new water bowl from this vendor...  aren't these bowls great!

There was even an agility demonstration. 

And costumes

Check out this guy, he was a teddy graham!

And the Justice League was there too!

How cute are these three from the Wizard of Oz!

All breeds are welcome at these events and this pug and puppy were making friends with each other.

Pugs hoping to be adopted - mom says that several were adopted and now have their fur ever homes, which is awesome! 

It was such a fun day and I was totally exhausted by the end of it!

Have a great day, my friends!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Holy Moly!

Hey peeps!!  We can't believe it's been so long since we last wrote a post!!

We are still here and so much has happened in the past year.  We aren't going to make any promises, but we are going to try and do a little better about posting.

Soooo, where to begin....

Maybe with this guy??

This here is Otto...  Mom & Dad brought him home in July 2014!  Hard to believe he will be a year old in just a couple more months!!

 His gotcha day - he had dad wrapped around his little paw at first sight!

One of our Christmas photos

We've had alot of snow that last couple of weeks and we all (ok, all but Brutus) had a blast playing and doing zoomies in the snow!
Otto checking for squirrels

Ellie waiting for a snowball to be thrown

Chasing snowballs

Pippa not so sure of the snow at first

This snow stuff isn't too bad

Pippa zoomies!

Otto zoomies!
Brutus:  Can we go inside now?
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