Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vet Visit

Hello everyone, we commandeered the computer for mom for a brief blog.

The weekend was uneventful, we just lounged around the house all weekend and watched football on Sunday and Monday. The Bears and the Colts won so we were pretty happy.

Brutus stole mom's pillows :)

I had my vet visit today for my yearly vaccinations. It went well except that the vet told mom and dad that I need to have my toofies cleaned and most likely have a couple pulled :( I am not looking forward to it. Brutus says I will be OK as he had a tooth cleaning last year and also had to have some teeth pulled.

Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. We hope your teeth cleaning goes well, my mommie says I'm going to start having my teeth brushed regularly. She thinks I have stinky breath...I think it is delightful and have no clue what she is talking about!

  2. Oh, toofs cleaning. I can't say I envy you. Good luck.

  3. hmmm, you're now officially the cleanest smelling pooches around

    luv ya lots

  4. Oh so sorry about the toofers! Mom says she is gonna have to start brushing Banjo's toofers cause some are turning yellow and his breath stinks! I hope it doesn't hurt when your toofers are pulled out.

    Wags & wiggles,

  5. Oh, we're so sorry that you have to go to the dentist. Just ask for some laughing gas and then you'll think it's funny....UNTIL YOU WAKE UP!!!

    Don't worry it's really not that bad and then your teeth will sparkle!

    Riley and Star.

  6. Hi Yoda. The vet told me not so long ago that I might have to have two of my teeth pulled too. I'm not looking forward to it either, but I think we will both be okay.

    Chihuahua kisses,

  7. Soory about the toofers Yoda!!! Hopefully, its not as bad as the vet thinks. Maybe they'll look better after they're clean =) No matter what, you'll still be a cutie pie!!!


  8. Oh no toofer cleaning! my best pug pal had to have toofers cleaned and pulled but he says that it is all better and he is glad he had them done. He can now play and chew on his toys again. You will be fine don't worry!


  9. hi y & b!
    oh what a great weekend!

    we love all of your photos!

    have a super wednesday!
    :) m & e

  10. Glad most of your weekend went well and you got to watch a couple of good football games and get in some beauty rest! I'm sure the toof thing will not be as bad as you think.

  11. Good luck with your toofies issues! I also need a dental cleaning soon and mom tries to wash my teeth often but she forgets all the time and when she does clean my teeth I actually lick the toothpaste before it reaches my teeth... It is hard being a pug and keeping a nice smile.

  12. Poor Yoda - another furiend with toofer problems! Maybe you should go talk to Bajas (at Wigglebutts), he just had some puggie toofs take out! What is it with us b-boys and the bad teeth? How everything comes out OK (my mom is a dentist, she made me say that last part).

    Brutus the Frenchie

  13. We love the mom pillow stealing, we love stealing pillows! We were sorry about your teef thats a bummer. Good luck with getting them cleaned and pulled.

    Lots of Licks--
    Oak and Swish

  14. Good luck at the vet/dentist! I need to start brushing all the little pug tooffies in my house.


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