Monday, September 7, 2009

September Meetup

We had a busy weekend. On Saturday we went to pug meetup and had a ton of fun. We got to mingle with some of our Indy Blogger friends and many more. We had a bunch of photos, but mom wouldn't let us post all of them. We did help her pick out what we thought were the best ones.

On our way, yay!

Our friends Hank and Molly with their mom Sarah.

Brutus saying hi to the camera

Fan of the Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Clark

Pug Posse member, Gus - just look at that tongue!

Lilo's mom gave Hank a helping hand while Lilo supported her lap.

Snack time - me and Brutus were right up front (I have the blue leash and Brutus has the black leash). Look at all the puggies gathered around - where there is food there are pugs.

Dad and Brutus hangin' out.

Our buddy Salinger giving a toothy smile
Salinger & his mom on the left. Brutus and I with Mom on the right (That's Dad's arm holding Brutus's leash)

We went and spent some time with Mom's family over the weekend too. We will blog about that later this week as mom needs the computer back to work on her homework. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.


  1. Wow what a great time! We went to our meet up this weekend too.

  2. Man, that's some tonque! If you ever run out of treats, you can always get a job as an Ant Eater! And that ant no joke!

    Riley and Star.

  3. Looks like lots of fun. Love the pic of you two in the car!

    Lots of Licks--
    Oak and Swish

  4. That looks like it was a lot of fun!!!!

  5. Woohoo, sure looked like a lot of fun! Those are lovely group of pugs! Cute.

    Coffee and Oreo

  6. How great that you get to meet up with not only other pugs, but blogging pugs!! I don't know if there are that many Frenchies in all of Ohio, certainly not ones that blog (we know of one - me!!). How you all had fun!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  7. Ahh it makes me wish I lived in Indy. :)

  8. hi Y & B!

    oh what a wonderful pug party! emmitt and I wish we lived closer so we could come too!

    thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures!

    m & e

  9. You lucky dogs! Getting to meet up with all those other pugs must have been great fun. I wish mom would find us some Rattie furiends we could play with.

    Wags & wiggles,

  10. Oh my...that second to last picture is QUITE fetching! HAHAHAAA!

    It was fun playing with you dudes at Meetup on Saturday!

    We left you an award on our bloggie...come check it out!


  11. hi i have not seen you around for along time.....

    i must sit my mumster down.....she thought she followed you but did not add you to her reading list......silly hooman

    you come by when you've rested .....what a fun meetup


  12. Hey fellas!!! Happy Friday =) Please come check out our Charity Paw It Forward!!! We think you'll like it !!

    Jess & Lilo


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