Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Fun

Yoda is snoozing on the couch next to dad right now, so I thought I would sneek on the 'puter and do some blogging. It has been a great week. I have been having a ton of fun with my cousing Winston. Although mom isn't happy that I learned something new from Winston and she is now calling me sir humps alot. I am not sure what she means by that.

Here I am with my cuz Winston
Mom was playing with us today - she had this thingy in her hand and then this little red dot appeared. We all had fun chasing it and we did alot of running, yipping and yapping. This is one of our favorite games. I am not sure what kind of magic mom uses to bring forth this little red dot, but we love it when she does.

Here is Yoda trying to catch the red dot. Doesn't he have a pretty smile?
Time to go take a nap. Hope Yoda will let me on here again soon - he has been a blog hog.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Busy Weekend

Yoda here, mom and dad had a very busy weekend. On Friday they went with some friends to listen to some music and drink wine at Chatau Thomas Winery. It was too warm for us pugs and Winston to go, so we stayed at home in the air conditioning.

On Saturday we had some of mom & dad's friends visit from ft. wayne for a cookout. They brought their kids who were only 3 years old. The
kids were scared of us at first, but that is just because we were so excited to be around them that we were jumping and yipping. They finally got used to Brutus and I, but they were still scared around poor Winston.. mom and dad tried to tell them that winston just wanted to play, but they didn't quite understand.

It was a nice visit. We were all pretty worn out by afternoon and were all ready for nap.

On Saturday night, mom and dad went to see Trace Adkins and Toby Keith, but we weren't invited. They said that no dogs are allowed. We really must do somthing about this. I think doggies should be allowed everywhere - especially places where food is served. Anyway, they really enjoyed the concert.

Today we haven't done too much. Winston and Brutus have become best of friends and they like to wrestle alot. Here is one of their wrasslin' matches. I am pretty sure the Winston won this round :)

Hope everyone has a had a treat filled weekend.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Winston Comes to Visit

Well, the weekend has been pretty busy. mom & dad met some friends on saturday morning and went on a motorcycle ride that was part of "relay for life". It must have been a pretty long ride, cause they left at 8am and didn't get home until 3pm (we had a very nice nap during that time). I heard them say it was a 115 mile round trip.They weren't home for very long when we found out that Winston's family was on their way down to drop him off for a couple of weeks while his daddy is out of town on business. Let me tell you we were pretty excited.

So Winston got here and we got to play for a little while and then mom & dad went out to eat with Grandpa, Uncle Mark, and our cousin Kendra. When they got back from dinner (again no doggy bags for us - we are
going to have to do something about that) we got to play with all of them for a little while and then they left.

Brutus is not happy with Winston, because he keeps peeing in Brutus's bed - all four of them. Mom says she is just going to have to keep a better eye on him when Winston is near Brutus's bed.

So today, mom decided that Winston needed a bath. Here he is getting ready for his bath, mom got some new shampoo that she says smells like oranges. Winston doesn't look too happy does he?

Here he is during his bath.

And finally all finished. Mom says he smells so much better now :)

Well mom decided that Brutus and I needed a bath too. I like getting a bath. Here I am posing in the bathtub.

Here I am checking out the new shampoo. I wasn't too sure about it since it was in a pink bottle, but it wasn't too bad.

All finished. Brutus's turn :0

Brutus doesn't like to get a bath as much as I do. here he is trying to escape from the bathtub.
All done.

We are all just chillin' right now. We were going to go for a walk, but it started raining again, maybe we can go later. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Friday, June 12, 2009


It was a pretty good week, except for all of the rain. Brutus and I don't like going out in the rain, but mom makes us go anyway so we don't have any "accidents" inside the house. Not much happened this week, but mom says that the weekend is going to be busy...for them at least.

mom told us that our cousin, Winston, is going to be here for a visit while his daddy is out of town. Winston is still a puppy and he is fun to be around. We are looking forward to his visit. Maybe mom and dad will take us for a walk or two, or three while Winston is here. I think we would all like that :)

mom and dad are supposed to be going on a motorcycle ride tomorrow morning, if it doesn't rain that is. I think it would be wonderful to go for a ride and have the wind in my face, but mom seems to think that I would get scared and try to jump off. I don't know why she thinks this, I am a brave little pug. I even keep the house protected from the evil squirrels (squirrels are the scouts for the animal conspiracy and I can't let them see what my humans are doing).

I just have one thing left to say today. GO RED WINGS!!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Good evening everyone. Thought I would update everyone on the weekend. Dad had an OK birthday on Friday, he and mom went out for dinner with their friend Chad. They said they went to a steakhouse and they didn't bring anything back for me or Brutus, the nerve. We did have fun visiting with Chad, we love jumping and licking on him. He has a dog named Petey that used to be an outdoor doggy, but he is getting her house-broken so she can be inside all of the time.

On saturday, mom & dad went to Lafayette and met grandpa at Cracker Barrell for breakfast. Again, no doggy bags! We did get to watch the Red Wings beat the snot out of the Penguins on Saturday night.... Gotta go, there's a cat on the deck that I need to bark at!

Yoda had to go bark at the kitty on the deck so he is letting me finish this post. On sunday, dad mowed the yard and mom cleaned the deck with some stuff that smelled awful and we couldn't go out there until everything dried.

We got to relax on sunday night and watched a movie called "Tropic Thunder", mom and dad thought it was pretty funny. There were no dogs in the movie so it didn't interest Yoda and I too much, we just enjoyed cuddling on the couch with them.

It was a fairly nice weekend and it's back to work for mom & dad while we get to stay at home and nap all day!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Yoda here, mom & dad have the day off today something about dad being 40 today. It has been nice having them at home except that I can't get my beauty sleep during the day like I normally do. They even gave Brutus and I extra treats today ... nice :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


my name is Yoda and along with my brother Brutus, we are going to try our paw at doing this blog. Mom may have to remind us if she can remember - she gets forgetful sometimes. Brutus and I live with our Mom, Dad, our Kitty brothers Max & Miko, and our kitty sister Einstein. I don't know why our sister has a boy's name, but mom says it has something to do with her running into things and falling off of the couch when she was a baby kitty.

I really enjoy where we live, there are alot of windows in the house and I like to bark at everything that I think shouldn't be there.... was that a squirrel??? .........

This is Brutus, I thought I would get on here and finish this post since Yoda got distracted by a squirrel outside. He does that alot. Mom yells at him alot for barking, but he thinks that she is joining in with him and he just barks more. Sometimes I join in, but not very often. I enjoy what most puggies do, eating and sleeping. In fact, I think I am going to go take a nap right now.

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