Friday, June 12, 2009


It was a pretty good week, except for all of the rain. Brutus and I don't like going out in the rain, but mom makes us go anyway so we don't have any "accidents" inside the house. Not much happened this week, but mom says that the weekend is going to be busy...for them at least.

mom told us that our cousin, Winston, is going to be here for a visit while his daddy is out of town. Winston is still a puppy and he is fun to be around. We are looking forward to his visit. Maybe mom and dad will take us for a walk or two, or three while Winston is here. I think we would all like that :)

mom and dad are supposed to be going on a motorcycle ride tomorrow morning, if it doesn't rain that is. I think it would be wonderful to go for a ride and have the wind in my face, but mom seems to think that I would get scared and try to jump off. I don't know why she thinks this, I am a brave little pug. I even keep the house protected from the evil squirrels (squirrels are the scouts for the animal conspiracy and I can't let them see what my humans are doing).

I just have one thing left to say today. GO RED WINGS!!!!!!

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  1. Tell your mommy that she needs to post pictures of Winston so we can all see your house guest. Hope you guys had a good weekend!!


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