Sunday, August 21, 2011

Monsters in the Garage

We really need to talk to our secretary(mom) about getting our posts out there a little bit more often.  She has been such a slacker lately!

So, mom & dad have been worrying about this water that was coming up at the end of the driveway so they called the city water department.  The city stated that the leak was on our property so it was our responsibility not theirs.  Soooo, mom & dad called their insurance company, who sent out a plumber to investigate.  

The plumbers decided to dig up the are where the water was coming up and much to their surprise - no pipes were leaking in that area!

Here they are filling the hole back in.

The hole all filled back in....

Further investigation revealed that a pipe in the garage was the cause of the water leak - go figure.

So, the plumbers come back and they brought monsters to eat through the concrete slab.  You can hear the monsters in the following video...  We heard them most of the morning!

This is what the garage floor looked like when the monsters were done with it.

This is the pipe that caused this whole mess.
That hole was at least 3 1/2 inches below the top of the slab.  The plumbers told mom that when the house was built and the slab was poured, the builders tied a piece of rebar to this pipe and the vibrations of the water turning on and off caused it to rub against the pipe and put a hole in the pipe.

All repairs completed!

We haven't been able to visit our bloggy friends for a while - again slackery on our secretary's part.  We will try to be around very soon!

We hope everyone had a good weekend!  

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue - The 500 Festival of Pugs

Hi everyone!!  Ellie here to tell you all about the fun day I had at the 500 Festival of Pugs - this is a fundraising event for Kentuckiana Pug Rescue, which is where I came from!  Unfortunately, dad had to work so mama decided to take just me to the event.  Don't worry about Yoda & Brutus missing out because they thought it was grand that they had a day without me at home!!

Just a warning that this post is going to be heavy on the pictures.

The first thing we did was scope out the raffle baskets.

There were some really nice raffle baskets - we did win one, but mom failed to get a picture of it.

There were lots of vendors there too...

Pugs in the Kitchen was there with their yummy treats (ok, mom is part of Pugs in the Kitchen, so I am a little biased...)  100% of the proceeds from sales went directly to KPR!!

There were all kinds of contests too!  Banana eating, curliest tail, costume contests, pug races, etc....  Mom only entered me in the pug race and I successfuly defended my title of Pug Race Champion for the under 1 category!!

There were some non-pug guests that showed up too :)

Come on...  why are we stopping???

Oh ok, we can stop and watch the agility demonstration.  This reminded us of our furiend Brutus & Carmen.

This is our friend Zoe... you can see her and her siblings at A Day in the Life of Pugs...

Oh no, whats this - mom tricked me into getting a nail trim!!

There was free microchipping with admission to the event...  Here are some doggies getting their micropchips.

Here I am helping out mom at the donations table...  don't let my face fool you - I am simply using my mind powers to get people to donate (this requires me to look like I am sleepy).

our new furiend Mia was there (She now owns Angel Lilo's mom)

It was a long but fun day...
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