Sunday, June 21, 2009

Busy Weekend

Yoda here, mom and dad had a very busy weekend. On Friday they went with some friends to listen to some music and drink wine at Chatau Thomas Winery. It was too warm for us pugs and Winston to go, so we stayed at home in the air conditioning.

On Saturday we had some of mom & dad's friends visit from ft. wayne for a cookout. They brought their kids who were only 3 years old. The
kids were scared of us at first, but that is just because we were so excited to be around them that we were jumping and yipping. They finally got used to Brutus and I, but they were still scared around poor Winston.. mom and dad tried to tell them that winston just wanted to play, but they didn't quite understand.

It was a nice visit. We were all pretty worn out by afternoon and were all ready for nap.

On Saturday night, mom and dad went to see Trace Adkins and Toby Keith, but we weren't invited. They said that no dogs are allowed. We really must do somthing about this. I think doggies should be allowed everywhere - especially places where food is served. Anyway, they really enjoyed the concert.

Today we haven't done too much. Winston and Brutus have become best of friends and they like to wrestle alot. Here is one of their wrasslin' matches. I am pretty sure the Winston won this round :)

Hope everyone has a had a treat filled weekend.

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  1. So glad the boys are getting along now!! Poor WInston won't know what to do when he has to go back to a home with no Puggies!!!


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