Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So we think mom and dad are a bit unhappy with us.

Here is the situation. They leave the kitty food down in the bathroom and block the door with a baby gate so we can't get in and eat to our heart's content.

Well....we figured out how to get around the baby gates last week (they only lean them against the door frame as they had problems with them pulling the paint off of the walls). We figured out that we can just barely squeeze through the side, leaving the gate up and appearing that nothing is amiss.

However, dad noticed the kitty food bowl was completely empty a couple of times which made him suspicious. Of course Brutus forgot the parents were in the house and got behind the baby gate into the bathroom and got busted.

Now they put the kitty food up on the counter when they leave the house...bummer. It was nice while it lasted - that kitty food is pretty yummy!!

Gotta give the computer back to mom - she's got lots of homework to do and said we have to be good and let her study or we won't be able to go to the Pug Meetup on Saturday and we can't have that! We think she needs a break from studying and work and a day at the park with a ton of pugs is the perfect stress reliever!

Hope everyone has a good week and here is a picture just so you don't forget what we look like :)


  1. Ohh no you gots busted! We hope you gets to go to the pug meet up..take lots of pics to share!

  2. You silly boys!!! Kitty food??? Dudes...hold out for the hooman stuff!

    I'm sorry that we'll miss you at Meetup on Saturday...Holden has a football game at the same time and I have to be there with my mascot shirt on!

    Happy Hump Day!


  3. Yoda and Brutus, we do not know what kitty food tastes like but we bet it is pretty yummy. But Mommy says to tell you both to please be careful because that kitty food can make you sick! We would not like it if you two got sick. But it does always seem that hoomans like to take away the most yummiest stuff from us!

    You are both so darn cute!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  4. You guys are GENIUS! Sorry you got caught! We're with S-Dog....hold out for the good stuff...the People Food is definitely better!

  5. I feel your pain!! The momma posted my busting in our last blog!! Can't believe we both got busted in the same week =( WOW!!!

    See you on Satruday!!


  6. Hi Yoda, hi Brutus...of course I know how you feel. We used to do that hee hee until AL finally discovered who was eating all the cat food for the cats were all complaining. Now the cat dish are placed on the top of the laundry sink and we couldn't reach for it anymore. Happy weekend, you both take care.

    Coffee and Oreo


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