Sunday, September 13, 2009


The NFL season has FINALLY started (the only thing that counts in pre-season are the injuries).

Just to clarify the following photos. Dad is a Bears fan - Mom is a Patriots fan. Both have rooted for these teams for years (long before the Colts came to Indianapolis). Both Mom & Dad root for the Colts as long as they aren't playing the Bears or the Patriots.

We got some new shirts to show mom & dad's allegiances to their respective teams.

Brutus sporting his new Chicago Bears t-shirt.

Me and my New England Patriots shirt

Game Day photo - Mom in her Colts jersey (Vinatieri is her favorite player) posing with us in our new shirts. I think we are going to get our own personalized jersey's someday.


  1. Cindy, mom used to be a Pats fan 'til Bill Belicheat an' his pack o' prima donnas acted like such jackasses a couple o' years ago. (An' she's not even that bigguh Colts fan!)

    Anyways, y'all still look great in yer jerseys!

  2. What pawesome shirts you guys have. We don't like the teams so much but the shirts are cool. Our mom keeps saying she is going to buy us Buffalo Bills jersey's but after todays heartbreaking, idiotic, stupid,....etc. etc. loss we aren't sure we will be getting them after all. Your mom's Patriots got pretty lucky. BOL

    Lots of Licks
    Oak and Swish

  3. You both look very snazzy in your new team shirts. Our Mom just recently bought us shirts in support of our Dad's favorite college team, University of South Carolina. She says we are going to the be mascots at the family reunion as there is a big rivalry between South Carolina's two college teams. We don't have any NFL team shirts yet, but Mom is working on it!

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  4. Dogs after my own heart! At least some of your teams won last weekend....

    Brutus the Frenchie

  5. What awesome new shirts you have!

  6. You guys look fantastic in your football shirts.. but what about hockey? lol

  7. Lex, we LOVE hockey and can't wait for the season to start - most teams are at training camp right now and the season is just around the corner.

    Mom has yet to find Detroit Red Wings shirts for us that she likes so for now we will sport our NFL shirts.

  8. I need my own shirt!!!! Momma says that I need a Chicago Bears one =)


  9. You guys look spiffy in your new shirts! We just moved to Denver Bronco territory, Mommy has always been at St. Louis Rams fan, and Daddy likes anyone BUT the Rams - so that is probably why we don't have football jerseys (that and we would try to take them off)!

  10. Hey guys,

    For some reason I'm just now seeing this post! Stoopid blogger!!

    Your jerseys are pawtastic but where's the football? You gotta have one of those!

    Wags & wiggles,

  11. You both look very sporty in that shirt! I can't wait to see the personalized shirts!

    Coffee and Oreo

  12. hi friends! I like your shirts! Mom is not a fan of sports, nor she practices any. that's how lazy she is. Have fun this season!


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