Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Day After Christmas!!!

We didn't get a chance to wish any of our furiends a Merry Christmas yesterday as we were not home yesterday but traveled to see family.  We hope all of our furiends and their families had a wonderful Christmas. 

So, when we got up yesterday we found these under the tree!!

 We must have been very good this year!  Look at all the presents that Santa Paws left!!

 "Hey mom, can we play with our new toys now??

Ellie just loves this little pink piggy...

Brutus checked it out too...

Brutus really enjoyed this Dr. Seuss stuffy (he loves the long faux fur)

I love this stuffy of the Grinch's dog Max

I wasn't a big fan of the pink pig.

After we played with our new toys for a little bit, we got loaded in the car to head to Grandma and Grandpa's!!

Ellie was put into confinement while everyone ate.  She went to sleep shortly after this picture was taken.

After dinner, we all asked mom politely if Ellie could come out and play :)

Here she is playing with Uncle B.

And, check out this beautiful Christmas dress that Aunt Punchy made for Ellie!!  Wait...Ellie wants to say something.  Hi evwyone!!  I want to say a big TANK U to Aunty Punchy for my pretty dress.  I gots so much attention, it is just the best thing ever!!  Her etsy shop is here in case anyone is interested in a pretty dress of their own.

Big brudder Brutus was cuddling with dad...

I took a nap on my Aunty L's lap... 

I tink big brudder Yoda might have been a bit jealous of the attention I was gettin'

Here I am wit Mom...

Yoda found a comfy seat on the couch...

Otay, I will turn tings back over to my brudder Yoda...

I'm back.  Just a couple more things for this post.  We are super excited because both mom & dad are off on vacation this week!!  YAY!!  Hopefully this means we will have plenty of time to do a few posts this week and to also get around to visit and comment on the blogs.


  1. Merry Christmas! You guys really scored in the present department!

  2. Oh what a wonderful Christmas you all had! Thanks for sharing pictures of the dress!!!! I LOVE that it actually fit! Now you can put it on a little stuffed Pug and always remember how tiny she really was!

  3. So many presents for you pugs! Merry Christmas!

  4. What a furry special furst khristmas woo had!


  5. Hi, all!

    Molly O'Mally here!

    What a FABULOUS Christmas you had!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    I just LOVE Ellie's new dress - and her new name!

    Lick ya later!


  6. LOVE your pics and we're so happy that you had a Merry Christmas!!!!

    Ok...we have only one thing to say about Ellie's dress...."SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" What a DOLL!

    See you guys soon! Enjoy the week snuggling with Mom and Dad!


  7. Ellie, I just LOVE your new dress!!! I am glad you enjoyed your first Christmas!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. What a very special Christmas.
    Little Ellie having her very first Christmas, and a special little dress too.. Such a beautiful little dress.
    And all the fun times, for all of you.. giggles and toys... It looks to me like the best Christmas ever

  9. It looks like Santa might shop at Kohl's. I like all your presents, and Ellie you look really cute in your dress!


  10. Squeeeeeeeeeeee! Mum is luving the dress!!!! totally cute girl, yous is gonna break a lot of boys hearts! Holy pugs you were totally good this year, I mean look at that load of toys!!!!! Good score. Merry Christmas to yous all!


  11. Ellie you look smashin in that dress! Never seen anythin like it! Wowza! :P Luv the stuffies y'all got. Bright and happy they are!

    Waggin at ya,

  12. Merry Christmas! You guys must have been really good this year! =)

  13. hi brutus, yoda and ellie!
    oh my gosh!
    what a wonderful holiday you all had!
    i love all of your photos!
    m & e

  14. Glad to see that you had a great Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas from the Wolfe Pack!!
    Pugs & Kisses
    Pugsley & Lola

  15. You guys must have been doing tons of snortin over there. We love all your toys. Is little Ellie a stuffie? BOL. Cool dress! Lily loves it
    Benny & Lily

  16. Merry Christmas to you, my friends! WOWZERS! You got some really neat presents! The dress is awesome! ENJOY all your cool stuff!

  17. Oh my goodness!! First.. Ms. Ellie.. just look how adorable you are in your peanuts dressie!! And you are talking!! We just love your voice!!
    You are sooooooo cute :) Even IzZY thinks so too..
    Okays.. next.. of course you all got quite the stash of toYz!! You all are good~

    TriXie see's sometings in 'deres that she got too!!
    We are glad you all had a Merry Christmassy's and we send holiday puggie huggies to yous!!
    AND **Kisses** to my Brutie only (not Yoda) from IzZY~~
    Josie, IzZY (me again), TriXie, Anakin Man(s'up)

  18. Loving your photos... so darn cute! Merry belated Christmas!

  19. The dress Aunt Punchy made for Ellie is beautiful! I'm glad you all had such a great Christmas. Brutus and Yoda, you guys are so lucky to have a little sister. I'd start blaming things on her now while she's too small and cute for your pawrents to get mad. Hehehe


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