Thursday, December 2, 2010

Angel in a Fur Coat…

So, now that we know about our little sister we can post on some things that we have been meaning to post about.

Several weeks ago we won a book from Pet Blogs United which was sponsered by our friends over GooberellaWe have to apologize for not posting on this sooner, but we were a bit distracted trying to figure out what mom & dad were up to.

Anyway….The book is Called Angel in a Fur Coat by C.L. Enuton.  It was even autographed to us!!


Mom didn’t get any pictures of us opening the package when it arrived, but she did gets some pics of us with the book.100_5362


This is such a wonderful book!!  It was funny and heartwarming.  It tells the story of an angel who chooses to become a dog and all the training the angel has to go through to graduate and become an “Angel in a Fur Coat”.  We would recommend this book to anyone!

Thanks again to Pet Blogs United and Gooberella!!  Please stop by these blogs and tell them that Yoda & Brutus sent you :)


  1. Wow!!! 'dat book looks great!! We are going to have to check it out!! Thanks!!

    Kisses to yous new sissy!!
    and Kisses**to Brutie**(not Yoda) from IzZY :)

    IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  2. Sounds like a very special book!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. That book sounds pretty sweet! We'll have to see if we can sniff it out!


  4. aahh, cute. You guys enjoyed it we see
    Benny & Lily

  5. Congradulations on your book. Sounds like it would be a good read. That looks like some serious reading you two were doing.

  6. Sounds like a great book! How special that you got an autographed copy! Cool!

    Waggin at ya,

  7. Congratulations on the win. We will check out gooberella. We already follow petsbunlimited. They are pretty cool over there.

  8. Congrats on winning! Didn't know you were into reading. Sounds like a good book to read. We will have a talk with M about it.

  9. Looks like a good book, maybe I can get my mommy to buy it for me :-)


  10. Hey buddies! Thanks for the bark outs :) I love the pictures of you guys with the book, glad you enjoyed it. We've read that you guys are expecting. We hope your new little angel listened up in's gonna be fun and adventurous for all. Congratulations on the new member of your family.

    woof ya later~
    The 3 Goobers of

  11. The book sounds like something the little grandbipeds would love to have read to them. You both look very interested in seeing what it is all about. Thanks for telling us about it.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


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