Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well, mom forgot to include in our blog yesterday photos of our sworn enemy, the Squirrel.  I told her several times not to forget to include them…. you just can’t find good help these days!

Can you see him – you may have to biggify some of these photos to see the invaders.100_4516

How dare they come into our yard!!100_4517 

They are out there!100_4518



All that squirrel watching tired us out…100_4512 100_4476


  1. Hi Yoda and Brutus,

    Be careful of them squirrels...they're nuts you know...bol!

    Hey, congrats on winning the book, Angel in a Fur Coat! You're gonna love it :)

    hugs to the pugs~
    The 3 Goobers of

  2. How dare those things come into your yard without permission!
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh HAAAAAAIL've got TREE RATS????

    Ugh...look out! Those things are mean!


  4. Squirrel watching is exhausting work! I can't believe the cheeky little devil was so bold. You'd better take serious action!


  5. Hello Boys!! We were outside today doing the same thing!!
    We put some mini pumpkins in our yard and the squirrels take off with them and we find them half way down the side walk.
    You need little helmets and boots!! Anakin has goggles and spy cams for his Alvin.
    Good luck boys and maintain yous field of fire... hee hees

    Note to Brutus only!!!
    Hello Brutus!! You look extra cute in your socky monkey bed!!!! I also liked your pho-toe from your bloggy post yesterday with you looking out the window!! I just know you would protect me for those brats!! Paw over yous Momma's eyeballs ***kisses** IzZY

    Okay's we's all back now..
    IzZY (hello again), Anakin Man (gear up little dudes), 'da Josie and Trixie (howdy)

  6. Oh yes, I see those nasty squirrels. I think they think they blend in with the leaves! Get some rest you guys worked hard!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. hi brutus and yoda!
    oh emmitt is doing the samething over here!
    those pesky squirrels!
    m & e

  8. Can't believe they came into your yard! I would have barked and barked and barked too! Yous are good squirrel detectors.

    I have sent my pug pal, Dickens, your blog address. He goes nuts for the squirrels too. He gets so angry when they run across his path. I thinks he may be very interested in this post.


  9. Hi Yoda and Brutus!

    Daisy and I love squirrels! We don't have any
    out here in Vegas, so we will live through
    your squirrel photos for now.

    We hope you have a great week!

    -Dana & Daisy

  10. Boy those squirrels make our dog buddies crazy too!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius


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