Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fantastic Friday!

Brutus here…. I have to tell you all about the wonderful day I had on Friday.  Mom had been pretty secretive all week and on Friday said that she had a big surprise for me on Friday evening.

Both Yoda and I tried to pry get the surprise out of her with little success.  We could do nothing more than wait….

Before we knew it a car pulled into the driveway and mom and dad went outside.  Yoda & I waited impatiently patiently at the door.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw who rounded the corner….

Can you guess??

I’ll wait…




It was IzZY!!!  and the rest of The Elgin Pugs and their pawrents of course :)

I was ecstatic!

100_4236 Izzy!

100_4174Josie (I let her borrow my monkey sock bed)

100_4217 Anakin

They brought Yoda & I these pawsome gifts

100_4474We each got a bag a treats and a cool pumpkin halloween  stuffy…

IzZY and I spent some quality time getting to know each other better.100_4222 100_4223 100_4225

IzZY checking out our stuffies100_4185

She felt the need to get a closer look… 100_4186 100_4187 

Josie taking a break…100_4189

Anakin had the right idea and checked out the open refrigerator 100_4191


Dad was feeling left out so I sat on his lap for a while. 100_4196

Uh, oh… IzZY found Yoda’s favorite bear stuffie. 100_4202

Anakin found a good spot on the arm of the couch.100_4204

Josie, Yoda & I thought mom was feeling left out, so we remedied the situation…. 100_4211

We all posed nicely for a picture with Mom and The Elgin Pugs Mom. 100_4215

Dad holding my sweetie with Anakin looking on. 100_4216

Giving everyone equal time, Dad held Anakin as well. 100_4219

The Elgin Pugs Dad holding IzZY and our Dad holding Anakin 100_4221

Josie had enough and took a nap on the comfy chair. 100_4227

Yoda giving kisses… 100_4229

IzZY just chillin’ with her dad. 100_4232

Anakin was being a good brother and checking on Josie… 100_4233

We all had such a great evening and it came to end way to soon…

I had a wonderful evening with my sweet IzZY!!  She is a very pretty pug :)


BUT, what about Saturday and the big Indy Pug Meetup you ask??

To be Continued…


  1. Oh what fun! Y'all look like you're havin a blast! How the heck did Izzy get in the toy basket? Must have been quite the leap :)

    Glad you got to get together :)

    I know dogs don't hug but... HUGS!

  2. How exciting to meet everyone! Can't wait to hear about the rest of it!

  3. looks like you guys had fun!


  4. Looks like quite a fun party! You and Izzy look fabulous together!!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. What a friendly bunch you puggies are! When you put that many Frenchies together two things might be needed: 1)gas masks (for all the tootin') and b)a handyman (because we'd pretty much tear the house down playing so hard!) Have I told you I have a good puggy pal named Oliver that's in my agility class? He's the only one I'll let mom share my treats with!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  6. I am sure that having Izzy, Josie and Anakin as guests must be one entertaining experience! They're so darned funny, they must have kept you laughing all night!


  7. I bet ALL of woo had a BLAST!


  8. Good times were had by all this weekend. I am so bummed out I missed it. Next time I am insisting Mom drop everything and get me to Indy! That Izzy is a riot in your toy basket. Looks like she was claimimg them as her own. That's how it works you know.What's yours is hers now!

  9. Oh Brutus!!! I'z had the best time!!!

    I can't wait to posty my beautiful drawing your Sweet Momma made of you and I!! Mommy has it out special and she's going to let me pick out a pretty frame for it!!

    Thank you for my wonderful pressies too and the dinner your Sweet Momma made for my Mommy and Daddy smelled nommy!! I'z sure you noticed I'z tried stealing a bite bite and then a bite bite of cookie too for dessert!!

    Josie was very happy that you shared your sock monkey bed and my goofy brother took well to the corner of your couch like he does at our house!!

    Mommy and Daddy love the photo of your Daddy holding Anakin... he looks like a Puppy ... Up.. what.. he's screaming at me that he looks like a Puppy Mastiff.. excuse me Anakin..

    And your Momma with you and your brother and Josie is too adorable!!!

    Your Momma and Daddy are super sweet and very kind and I'z guess Yoda is cool too!!! SNORTS!!

    Mommy sayz Yoda is adorable too!!

    We all had a great evening and we would love to see you all again!!!!!!!

    Big Big giant hugs and......

    Paws over your Momma's eyeballs ***kisses***

  10. We just got back from Izzy's page learning of all the fun you all had! We really hope to find out if there are any Floridian pugs near us to hang out with. It get's really sad and maybe lonely here in Florida.

    -Baby and Lucy

  11. We have a goat named Anakin, but I bet your pug friend smells much better than our Anakin. Looks like everyone had a great time!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  12. Izzy is a very pretty pug, You are one lucky pug :) Looks like you all had a blast!


    Minnie Moo and Lincoln too


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