Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Conclusion of the Saturday Fun…

So after meeting at the park for our regular Pug Meetup we all headed to the Pug Posse house for some more fun.  We were sad because the Pug Posse dad was in the hospital and couldn’t attend.  He got out the next day and is doing fine, but we sure did miss him. 

Warning – photo heavy post ahead!

I found a good spot on the corner of the couch where I could get a view of the table full of food.100_4350

Josie found a good spot too! 100_4352

Josie and Eddie100_4353

Brutus (of Brudabaker) trying too figure out how to get in… 100_4354

Maggie taking a break from all the fun. 100_4359

Josie, Brutus and I all found good spots on dad’s lap… 100_4360

Ernie of the Pug Posse100_4362 100_4373

Pudge and Pippin of the Pug Posse100_4375

Romeo of the Pug Posse100_4378

I had to take nap… 100_4379

Pretty miss Lilo100_4380

Brutus of Brudabaker… 100_4382

And his sister Miley100_4385

Tucker – he is foster currently residing with the Pug Posse100_4387

and the Pug Posse mom… (Thank you so much for hosting this shindig, we had so much fun!!) 100_4388

Jeff Saturday… (Kiki’s brother) 100_4391

Punchy holding Jeff (we think she was trying to think of a way to sneak him into her bag and take him home with her) 100_4394

Punchy’s daughter C holding Jeff… 100_4396

Dad chaperoning Brutus and IzZY100_4400 100_4403

Punchy with Jeff again :) 100_4406

Clover and Chewy’s mom giving Pippin some belly rubs… 100_4407 100_4411

Salinger’s mom holding Pippin… 100_4413

Pearl’s mom…  we think she is holding Isabella of the Pug Posse and sweet little Rosie is on the couch behind her…100_4414

Salinger!! 100_4415

Lilo and her mom… 100_4417

Sweet little Rosie, another foster being taken care of by the Pug Posse100_4420

Those Elgin Pugs mom and dad… 100_4422

Hank and Molly’s mom and dad… 100_4424



Lilo and her mom – Anakin was saying hello… 100_4430

Josie found a different spot to hang out for  a bit.  IzZY is being held by her dad… 100_4433

Kelly holding Harley…100_4448

Pug Pile!! 100_4450

Near the end of the night, pugs were dropping left and right…  Here’s Apollo. 100_4452

and Rosie100_4453

Gus-Gus!!! 100_4454


More of IzZY and Brutus – of course she had to be chaperoned by the dads’ 100_4463

Group shot…. Group Photo

Here are all of the photos from Saturday evening…  


  1. Oh we love heavy pictures...speaking of heavy, we saw a chubby kid, not mentioning any puggy names. Adorable
    Benny & Lily

  2. LOVE the pic of Miley!!! Tee hee!

    Great seeing you guys, as usual!

  3. I think I'll be khounting Pugs as I fall asleep tonight!


  4. Wow!!! Great pictures. I hope some day I have as many pugs over my house! What fun!

  5. You got great pics!!! So good seeing you all again! I miss you all!

  6. Best durn group photo I've ever seen :)

    Happiest bunch of paws and people I think :)

    Such a great event!

    Waggin at ya,

  7. Wowzers you guys just had a blast didn`t you!?!?

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  8. ohhhh!
    look at you all together!
    emmitt & i so wish we could have come too!
    what fabulous photos! :)
    we love you all!
    m & e

  9. Hi guys! You got lots of great pics! Thanks for sharing all of them. Mom says that was such a fun time. I wish we could have gone with her!

  10. Brutus and Yoda too

    Josie really loved that pink chair!


    Lots of peeps and pups!!
    Thanks for sharing your photo's

    IzZY**, Josie and Anakin Man

  11. This is sooooo funny i love the heavy photo post!!! I wish I could come and mingle with all those FRIENDS!!

  12. Great pics! Had a good time hanging out with all you guys! Man am I worn out though - so many people to lick and puggies to play with...

  13. Those are some great pics! We had a great time seeing everyone and it was good to see you again!

  14. Wow! You got so many great photos guys! I love the one where Pearl's momma is holding Bella but Rosie has the CUTEST noseguard behind her! We had so much fun hanging out with you!

  15. That looks like it was an amazing pawty!!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. OMD what fun fun fun! We luv the pug pile photo, I mean that is pure bliss.... being surround by pugs. Looks at all the pugs in that house. Oh this is Mum's idea of a perfect evening.



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