Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pug Meetup and Blogger Friends

Ok, I think I have finally recuperated from the weekend.  Wow was it a fantastic time!  Brutus told you all about our visit with the Elgin Pugs on Friday evening, but that was just the beginning!!

On Saturday was Pug Meetup.  I have to tell you that it hasn't rained here in Indy for like 37987394597 days and guess what it does on Saturday???  You guessed it, it rained all morning and into the afternoon.  We didn't let that stop us from going and meeting our friends though!!  Good thing the park has a pavilion!

We got to meet several of our blogger friends that came in from out of state and out of country - Illinois, Oklahoma, New York and even from Ottawa, Canada - eh!!

Here is Stubby and his mom with our Dad who is holding Josie.

Stubby and his mom & dad

Gen and her dad

Hank found a good spot!

Brutus was just chilling with dad

I was saying hello to The Foo

The Foo with her mom.

Pearl's mom!!

Salinger!!  I think he was trying to find someone to take his raincoat off...

Stubby's dad holding Salinger and Salinger's mom is holding Stubby

Harley, his mom and Pearl's mom who is holding Dixie

The Foo was showing mom that her eye is doing just fine :)

There was another Brutus there too.  Such a handsome fella.

I was giving kisses to Stubby's mom

I was checking things out with Dixie

Gen was just chilling - such a pretty girl.

Salinger and his mom.

Brutus and IzZY were hanging out.

Lilo's mom, Those Elgin Pugs Mom, Punchy and Apollo's Mom

Those Elgin Pugs dad and our dad were hanging out.

Our friend Claude - he doesn't have a blog.... yet :)

Those Elgin Pugs mom was holding Lilo.

Punchy and Apollo's mom who is holding IzZY.

Anakin and Hank were having a talk - I think Hank was telling him how good an ice cold PBR can be.

Hahaha - I snuck into a picture of Brutus and IzZY!!  Mom is holding Brutus and Lilo's mom is holding IzZY.

Group shot of the out of towners - Back Row: Stubby's Mom, Clover & Chewy's Mom, Punchy, Pearl's Mom.  Front Row:  Those Elgin Pugs Mom, Gen & The Foo's mom.

Pearl's mom holding Dixie along with Stubby and his mom.

Molly and Josie - we think they were talking about bingo...

Lilo and her mom.

Josie being held by Hank & Molly's mom.

Our friend Claude and his dad

Claude, his dad along with Harley and his mom.

This was not the end of the fun... We still have more to show you! 

To be continued.... Again....


  1. Wow, even with the rain, you all had such a good turnout! So many puggies! It must have been like Pug heaven. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  2. Looks like SO much fun! My Uncle Harley would fit right in! Too bad it was too far away for us. Can't wait to see more!

  3. So awesome getting to see all the pugs and their people havivg so much fun. So wonderful all them people got to hold their friends heart to heart.

    By the way, That Elgin ganglookslikethey are up to no good in that picture of the three of them.Hehe

    OMG! Word verification: Boobtrin! That's bad words.

  4. Hello Brutus!!! (giggles) Hello Yoda (saying hello to Yoda like Seinfeld says to Neumann) Snorts!!!

    We had fun Saturday.. especially me!! I'z got to see you again!!

    There were lots of puggies to play with and we had fun!!

    We didn't mind the rain either!!!!

    Great pho-toes!!!

    Butt my favorite I'z the close up of Brutus!!

    We had fun!!

    Hugs!! >> Paws over your Momma's eyeballs **Kisses** IzZY

  5. Hello's deres... 'dat second we's had funs was from me's.. 'da puppy hu's.. me sister too quicks to post her love comments... Josie awake and had funs too... she's not happy's IzZY's been bloggy'ing two days in donuts rows...

    Me's had 'da fun...!!
    Laters dudes,
    Anakin Man & Josie ('da Josie not sleep)

  6. What an adorable bunch of pugs!! Makes us wish we were pugs too!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  7. GREAT pics Cindy!!!

    We STILL think Brutus knows stuff!!!! HAHAHAAA

    So great to hang with you guys this weekend and we feel lucky to be part of the Indy Pugger Crew!


  8. Hi Brutus! Hi Yoda!

    Momma wanted to me to tell you that she loved meeting you guys! She is cracking up at herself in these pictures- that Dixie Bugg was dragging her around like a wild woman!!!


  9. So, where did Hank stash his PBR?

    PeeEssWoo: What fun!

  10. You Pugs sure know how to throw a great party! I'm jealous!


  11. Gosh, you guys met all the stars! We need to come to Indy for a meetup, that is for sure.
    We left you boys an award on our bloggy!

    Kitty and Coco

  12. we love seeing the pictures from the pug meet up. How cool is it that you meet bloggy friends. We just hope the right kids wenthome with the right momma and Paw
    Benny & Lily

  13. oh my this post was just full of the adorabullness so many puggys we loved it

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  14. A pug here a pug there I think I saw a pug everywhere! I have now had my cuteness fix for the whole year :)

    Waggin at ya,

  15. Hi Yoda and Brutus! My mom was so happy to have met you guys and your parents. She can't stop gushing about how cute you two are and how you kept snuggling up together in your mom's lap. Wish I could have come and met you too!

  16. OMG - sooooooo many puggies! And there is ANOTHER Brutus? Geez - we're gonna have to get some good alternate names picked out in case this gets too confusing....

    Brutus (the Frenchie one)

  17. We thought the same thing about the rain! No rain when we want it but the ONE DAY we didn't, RIGHT?

    It was great spending time with you guys! You always make for wonderful company! :)


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