Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who are the Chefs?

We hope everyone has had a nice weekend.  Mom and Dad left us all alone to go to a stupid football game that we couldn't go to...  their excuse was that Dad got the tickets for free from work - whatever.

Anyway, they said that the Indianapolis Colts would be playing the Kansas City Chiefs, but they both kept calling them the Chefs and laughing...  this video explains their laughter - 

Mom is making us post some pictures from the game in exchange for some treats...  works for us :)

The roof was open for the game...

Opening kickoff

Touchdown Colts!!

Mom's favorite player - Adam Vinatieri (he used to play for Mom's favorite team - the Patriots!!  Dad's favorite team is the Bears)

They also had suite passes for the game - this was their view from the suite.

Sadly the Colts didn't win and are now at 0-5 for the season...

Ok, enough about the Colts vs. the Chefs, here are some pics that mom took of us when they got home...

Mom can't stop giggling at this picture of Ellie...

The squirrels were out and about and I had my eye on them in this pic....

Ellie is one crazy little pug...

Unlike me - check me out posing by the tree.  It was such a beautiful day out today!


  1. Hi cutie pies! Can you believe my moms have never been to a game. The game your mom and dad went to looked exciting.. look at that big football field!
    I hope you did get some treats,, a fair trade right?
    We loved the photos of you all.. it looks to me like a nice fall day to watch and chase squirells.
    You guys just can't get any cuter. We love seeing photos of you.

  2. What great FALL pikhs of woo!

    Thanks furry much fur sharing them!


  3. Love the video of the "Chefs" ha ha ha!

    Ellie does look cute and glad you were able to enjoy a beautiful fall day, too.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  4. I just love the pictures of you three enjoying a nice walk in the leaves! Yep, Ellie is certainly a wild child!
    PS. It looks like your parents had a great time at the game, but it's too bad that you couldn't go with them!

  5. LOL, that is a great commercial! I hope your mom enjoyed the game even if she didn't enjoy the outcome.. :(

    I love that picture of Ellie, too! She is such a bundle of energy!

  6. BOL, good one...moms jealous. She wants to go
    Benny & Lily

  7. oh what a fun and beautiful weekend you all had!

  8. "Great googly moogly"...hahaha

    My puggy loves to stalk the squirrels too xoxo

  9. Ellie's expressions are priceless :D Great fall photos of all :D

    Waggin at ya,


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