Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not the ideal way to get attention...

The day started out like normal yesterday but then Mom and Dad loaded all three of us into the car and we headed out...  we love car rides but this one ended at the vet's office which we weren't too thrilled about.
This was a new vet's office but we were pleasantly surprised to see our regular vet there!!  We love Dr. Ritz!!  She always takes such good care of us :)

Well apparently Brutus and Ellie were just along for the ride as this visit was all about me - this was my yearly checkup.  I also had an incident with a tick earlier in the week and Dr. Ritz had to dig out the part that mom couldn't get with the tweezers.  I would post pictures, but it looks pretty nasty.

Waiting for the vet...

My left ear has been bothering me and Brutus has been having problems hearing so she swabbed our ears and it came back that we both have a yeast problem in our ears...  Brutus is Mich worse than mine and his ear canal in both ears was blocked.  We got ear drops to take care of that nasty yeast! 

It was such a beautiful day yesterday and we enjoyed being out for a bit.  Well, we got home and my face started feeling funny.  I tried rubbing it with my paws and also against pretty much anything that I could fine.  Mom noticed me rubbing my face and had me come over to her.  She looked concerned and I heard her say that my face looked puffy.  A call to the vet's office and we were on our way back - but just with me this time.

Does my face look puffy to you??  These pics were taken on the car ride back to the vet.

We got to the vet's office and they met mom & I at the door and took me right back.  I had to get a steroid shot to help take the puffiness down.  Then we got to wait in the lobby for a while to make sure the puffiness was going down.

I was so ready to go home and just sleep for a while.  Mom & Dad stopped at Burger King for lunch on the way home and Mom fed me french fries - I NEVER get french fries!!  So I guess there was a bright side to the situation. 

We finally got home and Dad got out a nice fuzzy blanket for me to sleep on - he's a good Dad :)

I am feeling much better today, thank goodness!! 


  1. Oh Poor Yoda! What is going on with you? Why were you all puffy?

    Momma always thinks I have the yeasty stuff in my ears but I don't. I can hear fine and have very selective hearing, if you know what I mean.

    I sure hope everything is okay and that you are back to good in no time!


  2. Goodness, Yoda, there are better ways of getting some french fries! Your face totally looks swollen in those pics. I have the same questions as Tiffy. Why were you so puffy? I am so glad that you feel better today!

  3. Poor Yoda!!! Momma and I are sending you love and kisses. We hope you feel all better soon!!!



  4. Yoda, I'm glad it all worked out and your puffy face went away quickly - and you also scored some frenchy fries and a fuzzy blankie! That must have been quite the adventure, so rest up now for the big treat day tomorrow!!

  5. Yoda my darling,
    Wesa such a pair. Now..I will tell you of my vet visit yesterday. I'm not kiddin' now eithers. Isa went to the vet because my mama got a lotta goop out of my ear...which usually never happens. Mama gots me in an hour before the vet closes and guess what?!? I had a left ear bacterial and yeast infection. Yuckers!! Mamas think that I wasn't botherin' my ear due to the fact I am on pain medicines for my left leggy. Anywho? Isa thought that itsa kinda cute that we are sick'ums in the same ear together!
    Kisses and Hugs,
    Gracie Lynn

  6. poor baby. We think it is a bad allergy, two weeks. Lilys ear is itchy and red and I have hives. Nutty
    Benny & Lily

  7. Oh Yoda, I am so sorry for all that you had to go through! I hope you're hearing and feeling much better today. That's not a good trick at all! Hopefully tomorrow you just get treats, and no more trips to the vet's office!


  8. Hi Yoda
    oh jeepers,, that must have been so scary for your mom and dad to see your face so swelled.
    You must have been alergic to the ear medicine? Thank goodness your parents took you back to the dr, even though a steroid shot is no fun.
    The nice blanky your dad got for you to rest in made you feel all the better in the world.
    Your daddy is so nice. And your mom too for taking you to the vets.

  9. Oh dear Yoda, you poor thing. I am so glad you are ok! You were soooo puffy! Your mom and dad must have been so scared.

  10. Oh, Yoda! Your little face was so swollen. Good thing your mama caught it and was able to get you into the vet. We glad that it is much better today. Wonder what caused the swelling?

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  11. There are better ways to get rid of wrinkles, my man! We'll send you mom's face cream!
    Glad your puffiness is all gone and hopefully your ear infection, too.

  12. Yoda, buddy.....them yeast infections are the worst I tell ya what. Good thing there's lady cream.

  13. What were you allergic to? Your face was so swollen but glad you are feeling better now.

  14. What were you allergic to? Your face was so swollen but glad you are feeling better now.

  15. Poor Yoda! Your face sure was "swole up" (as Hank would say)! Make sure you ask him to borrow his "lady cream" for your yeasty ears! (HAHAHAHAAA)

    Feel better, dude!


    Pee S. Ask Brutus about how to prevent such discomfort in the future....he totally knows stuff.

  16. I hope you are feeling better! Pug Hugs ...

  17. I hope you are feeling better, those pics were scary!

  18. Poor Yoda, what a terrible thing to happen to you. We are so happy that your swelling is going down. We also are happy that you got french fries out this whole ordeal.

    Roxy & Lucky

  19. Man oh man Yoda. You rubbed your face pretty raw buddy. Riggs can TOTALLY relate to the allergic reactions issues.

    Hope you feel better soon buddy.

  20. That was quite an adventure. Glad the swelling went down!

  21. oh yoda!
    getting puffy is not the best way to get french fries sweetie!
    we are so glad you are feeling all better!


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