Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Weekend....

We are so excited to tell you all about our weekend - Friday in particular.

Well, mom & dad both took Friday off from work and spent the entire day at home with us!!  That was a surprise in itself :)  Later in the afternoon, they got our harnesses out and told us we were going out.  We figured we were going for a nice walk.  After we got all harnessed up, we got loaded up in the truck - we tried to get them to tell us where we were going, but they said it was a surprise.

A short car ride later we pulled up in front of a very familiar house - we were at The Pug Posse house!!  They are so much fun!!  

The Pug Posse is currently fostering this sweet little girl - Rosie.  We know she is part pug, but not sure what the other part is.  Mom thinks Rosie is just adorable.

Mom & Rosie

BUT....That wasn't the surprise - guess who we got to meet........KIKI & HER MOM!!!

Here we are checking out Kiki along with Apollo

Helping herself to some chips - she is learning quickly :)

Kiki & The Pug Posse Mom

Having a puppy around can be tiring.

Even Kiki had to take a nap...

Kiki, Brutus & Myself...

Dad's turn with Kiki the puppy.

Kiki was taking a break from chewing on dad's shoe.

Lilo and her mom were there too!

Apollo's mom had her turn holding Kiki.

The Pug Posse Dad and Kiki

Hey, take a careful look at the following picture and tell us what is wrong.

Give up - check out Lilo on the far right running over Punchy's head!! 

Here we go, this picture is much better

We had a great time and really enjoyed getting to meet Kiki and her mom.

What did you do this weekend?  We would love to hear about it!! :)


  1. Oh, rats! That looks like so much fun. Hanky said he'd take me but wound up passing out on the couch! Hmmmmph!

    Well, glad you boys had fun.

  2. That is one pugalicious event. That tiny foster kid is very cute. Hope you guys had fun
    Benny & Lily

  3. Oh, I read about those puppies! Good grief, that much cuteness should not be allowed! I'm surprised Kiki didn't end up in somebody's purse.


  4. How much fun...we are jelaous you got sniff everyones. Rosie ie adorable too!

  5. It was SO great meeting you all!!! I must snatch some of your mom's photos since my battery died! Kiki is wishing you were all here to hold her again! Looking forward to seeing everyone again in October!!!!

    Punchy & Kiki too!

  6. cute! Thanks for my reward!


  7. That Kiki is just too cute!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  8. Hi fellas! Wow, you DID have a fun weekend! I hope you all gave KiKi some good advice on puggy things. :) I wish I could have been there to take part in all the fun! My mom is going to go to go with Punchy next time - but I am not coming! :(

  9. Oh's my goodnessess!! Look at all 'dose puggies and peeps and big smiles!! 'deres nottin' betters 'den dats!! And Punchy!! Yous alls met hers!!
    (We's still tinks she's trying to gets o'lay commercials 'cuz we's just don't believes her ages)
    oh's we's were wonderings if she'd be backs in Oct and just read her notes.. okay 'den...hee hees!!

    Oh's brothers.. Izzy wants to talk to Brutus...
    Okay... see yous Josie... Oh's one more tings....
    Anakin wanted me to tell Yoda 'dat he was channeling his Star Wars Empire Strikes Back wits 'da snows... {Is 'dat it??} Okay.. I go..

    Hello Brutus!! It's IzZY!! I'z gots yous notes.. I'z was dreamings too..
    Oh hey... TheBean posted today about himself..
    I told his about yous...

    Okays.. IzZY needs a nappy!!

    {spy filter>>> ***kisses**** IzZY

  10. What a great surprise! I love it when mom is home on the weekends. I always know because she sits on the sofa with coffee for a while.

    ~ Basil

  11. Kiki is super cute! So jealous you got to play with her

  12. What a great Pug-A-Rama Pawty! Very cool of your pawrents to surprise you like that :)

    My weekend paled in comparison,

  13. Wow, you got to go visiting. I can tell you had a good time. That was a cool surprise,
    And your mom and Rosie are soooo adorables


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