Sunday, August 8, 2010

500 Festival of Pugs

We are sooo tired today...  Yesterday we attended the 500 Festival of Pugs!  We had a ton of fun :)  There was so much to see, smell & do!!  This event helps raise money for Kentuckiana Pug Rescue.

On our way...  Ha ha - look at Brutus' snaggletooth :)

Some of the beautiful pugs that our up for adoption from Kentuckiana Pug Rescue.

Eddie of The Pug Posse with his dad.

Mom got these cool new salt & pepper shakers.
Our kitty sister Einstein had to check them out.

Pug Races...  For those of you who have been following KPR's rescue momma Sassy on ustream on the puppy cam.  The pup in the following photos is Stewie :)

Stewie & his dad.

Chilling out...

I was so tired.

What are we looking at?

More pug races!

Look at all the people and their pugs!

This beautiful greyhound was there too.

Lilo getting ready for the costume contest.

Lilo and her mom, she was rockin' her new puppia harness!

Dad had some treats - Here Brutus is demanding requesting some treats from Dad.

I sat politely for my treat.

Mom forgot to get a picture of the foodables table called Pugs in the Kitchen.  Mom designed the logo for Pugs in the Kitchen.  The idea came from The Pug Posse mom & Lilo's mom and our mom ran with the idea and came up with the following.

Mom used Brutus as the model - something about not being able to get a proper picture of me to use to draw from - what a line of hooey, she has a ton of pictures of me.

Anyway, back to what's important.  The treats at Pugs in the Kitchen were all contributed by KPR volunteers that were made by them.  Our mom made some peanut butter biscuits - they were delicious!  Mom bought several bags of treats for us too!

It was a long day, but we had alot of fun seeing our friends and we got to meet many new pugs and their pawrents as well.

On our way home... Brutus in his Fido Rido

I got the rest of the back seat and stretched out.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. Boys! That looked like so much fun and for a great rescue group. Did you two race? Oh Mom is in luvs with that pugger laying down the black salt n pepper looking one. Lilo looks fab too, thanks for sharing now rest up.


  2. Hi guys,

    I am furry jelly that you get to go to all these fun meet ups. I think it would be terrific to play with so many doggies at one time and do it for a good cause like Kentuckiana Pug Rescue.


  3. What a totally fun day you must have had! You pugs love your fashions as much as we Greyhounds do! You guys both looked totally handsome and we love those salt and pepper shakers!


  4. Looks like you guys had a great time at the festival! All the puggies there are so adorable!

  5. Thanks for sharing your day! Wish we could have timed our visit better!

  6. Wow, I can see why you are tired! I hope some of those cute little pugs were adopted!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Oh what great fun!! Look at all 'dose pho-toes!!

    We's hopes 'dose wittle puggies find homes!! Yous Mommys logo wits Brutus is ADORABLES!!! And Lilo wits her dress and bonnet on!! So precious!! okays.. Izzy wants to speak wits Brutus...

    xoxo, Josie and Anakin Man

    Hello Brutus!! Guessy who.. You look like you had lots of fun!! You look cute in all of your photos and don't worry.. I ask for food 'da same way you do..SNORTS!!
    I go now.. but I dream of a certain Pug Man.....
    {spy filter up}>>> Kisses MmmmMOI**SMACK** IzZY

  8. Did you guys contact me about sending you a book for your silent auction?? someone did and I've been going nuts trying to find the original email. Even if you didn't already ask, I would be happy to send you a signed book for your next fundraiser!

    Walter LOVES watching the puggy cam. He chirps and howls at the screen, he wants those babies!!!

  9. Wow you did have a busy day, looked like good fun.
    See Yea George xxx

  10. oh my gosh!

    what a fabulous time you all had!

    emmitt and i so wish we could have come too!

    we LOVE the logo you made!

    m & e

  11. That's a lot of Pugs! My Uncle Harley is a pug too! but we're all the way up in New York. There's an event up here he likes to attend, it's called "Pugfest." I haven't been yet, but he says it's a rockin' time! Hope you got soem good sleepins!

  12. Hi Yoda & Brutus! You guys always have so much fun! If I lived closer to you I'd go to all those cool events with you. I know you get lots of treats and pets at the events and that's what I'm after!

    Stubby xoxo


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