Sunday, April 4, 2010

April Pug Meetup

Happy Easter everyone!!  It has been a lovely day here in Central Indiana.  It rained alot yesterday but it did let up in time for us to go to Pug Meetup.

We heard mom and dad talking about it and we didn't think we were going to meetup because of the rain :(  All of a sudden it stopped raining and mom and dad quickly loaded us into the car.  We were soooo excited!!

I checked in with mom to make sure she didn't need me and then it was off to do say hello to all of my puggy friends.

Brutus preferred to stay near dad or on his lap.

Salinger's mom passed out some delicious treats.

Lilo and her mom.

Brutus and Dad.

I gave the Pug Posse dad some kisses.

Somepuggy was gettin' to know me better.

Indy Blogger Picture
front from left - Salinger, The Pug Posse, Apollo, Us
back - Lilo

Some of the puggies and their pawrents.  Do you see the imposter?

Yes, there was an imposter - a boston terrier.

Brutus helped him feel welcome

some of The Pug Posse and their pawrents

Lilo and her mom.

Brutus chillin' with dad.

Pug Posse member Pippin

Pippin was keeping an eye on the imposter.

Brutus still chillin' on dad's lap :)

It was great see our friends - we have missed going to meetup.  So glad that the weather is getting warmer and we will be going on a more regular basis!  

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. That looks like tons of fun!


  2. Sorry we missed it!

    Love the pics of Lilo and her mommy!!!

    Hugs -

    Sarah, Hank and Molly

  3. You guys are so lucky to be able to get together like that! We thought it was Joe Stains there for a minute (but he lives in Arizona). Hope you all had a great day!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  4. It was good to see you guys!! We've missed meetups!!! Thank you for the pics of me and the momma!! I like to ignore her when she wants lovin's!! hehehehe!!! Hopefully, the weather will be better in May!!

    Hope you had a Happy Easter!!



    PeeeS: You have to admit the "impostor" was a cutie!!! =)

  5. What a puggy of a time. Crazy...its a pug extravaganza
    Happy Easter eggs,
    Benny & Lily

  6. Wow you guys look like you were having so much fun! Don't ya just love the outdoors! I'm glad you have so many friends! Happy Easter! Love, Arlo

  7. What a gaggle of pug cuteness!!

    Happy Easter Smileys!

  8. What great pictures!!!!! Nice to see everyone had a great time!!! Happy Easter from our gang to yours!!!

    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  9. Hoppy Easter!

    PeeEssWoo: I saw a DOOFUS DOT!

  10. Oh you were so lucky, look at all the pugs and wow how fun that looked!!!! What a great pug gathering.


  11. That looks like so much fun. We have a Pug in the Park thing around here, but it's kinda close to a road and theirs no fence. So we don't usually gets to go. We wish we could join you guys!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  12. How wonderful to share this time together. We do not have such things in Australia that I am aware of. I wish there were. Happy Easter to you and to yours.

  13. Yoda & Brutus-

    That looked like fun!


  14. It was great seeing and playing with ya fellows!

  15. Great pics! It was fun to get to know some of you (sorry about the distraction with Apollo but I met him early and really thought he was hot!) My Mommy says I should have noticed everyone was adorable...See ya next time...

  16. I am always jealous of the fun Indy meetups! It looks like you boys had a great time!!

  17. We loved seeing pictures of you two having and fun! And of little miss Lilo! Hope you all had a great Easter.

  18. I'm so glad the rain stopped. Thanks for sharing. Salinger is my furiend too and it was nice to see him (he's mad at his family right now)

  19. oh what a fabulous puggy meet up!
    we are so gald the rain stopped just in time for the party!
    m & e


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