Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Why does the earth only get one day?  Shouldn't it be earth day every day?

We have never done alot of recycling in our household, but in the past year mom & dad have been trying to be green.  The one thing they realized is that it would be hard to change their habits, but if they did a little bit at a time, it might be easier.  They started out by doing one thing - recycling old newspapers.  This led to aluminum cans and plastic bags.  Mom & dad also use the reusable shopping bags that most stores now have - it may cost a few dollars initially, but the cost is worth having a clean planet!  Being green doesn't mean just recycling - it also means using products that don't hurt the environment and products that are made from recycled products.

There are so many things that our parents still have to do to make this a totally green household, but by doing a little bit at a time they will eventually get there.

Our friend Stubby's blog has helped mom alot in this process.  Stubby is very wise and knows all about being green.  If you get a chance check out his blog.

Another friend of ours, Puglet, has a wonderful video showing that he recycles.  If a pug can recycle, why not everyone?  Check out his video here - you won't be dissappointed.

We hope everyone is having a good week!  Time for us to take a nap :)


  1. I agree. Puglet and Stubby's video sure is awesome.

  2. I see you two have mastered snuggling to conserve heat and reduce heating costs!

    Gen & the Foo

  3. what a great post yoda and brutus!
    happy happy earth day!
    m & e

  4. Good reminder that we don't have to go big to do something!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  5. Little by little, every small change helps the planet! Thanks for a great Earth Day post!

  6. Hi Yoda and Brutus!
    This is a great post about going green! :) It's so great to hear about people (and pugs) doing what they can to help the environment. Hope you have a great Earth Day!

  7. Hee hee... That's definitely a good way of being green. Just relaxing and napping. Easy does it.

    Happy Earthy Day to you boys too. But our sis Izzy is from Jupiter (hee hee).

    loves, Josie, IZZY(hot stuff), and Anakin

  8. Hi Yoda and Brutus, great post, Happy Earth Day.

    Lots of Licks-
    Oakley and Swisher

  9. We try to be more green, too! Like using biodegradable poop bags!


  10. Brutus & Yoda-

    Happy Earth Day!


  11. Hi Yoda & Brutus! I'm speechless! I really helped your mom a lot with her greenness? That's awesome! I'm so glad I could help and that you guys are making positive changes. Keep up the great word and spread the message!

    Stubby xoxo

  12. Well done woo two!

    Keep up the pawesome job!



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