Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We interrupt this Wordless Wednesday for: Weekend Visitor - Part 2....

Eli is a pretty fun pug to be around.  There is one thing in our household that just fascinated him....actually that would be three things...


and Miko

Mom and dad put up the baby gates so that Eli would not chase the kitties all over the house.  So Eli decided that he would just watch the gates waiting for a kitty to jump over so he could play with them.

The kitties were always to quick for him and he never did catch any of them...we tried to tell him they were too quick, but he was so fascinated he had to try for himself :)

On Sunday Eli joined me, Yoda, in guarding the house from the squirrels and anything and everything else that we thought might be a threat.

Eli got a bit cold so I let him borrow one of our sweatshirts...looks pretty good in it too!

and then some belly scritches from dad...

almost time for Eli to go home so we chilled on the couch.

Brutus was sad to see his new friend go too.

All too soon it was time for Eli to go home...but something tells us he will be back again to play with us soon.

We also would like to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day - hope everyone is wearing their green :)


  1. Looks like a fine lad, that Eli. I think a black pug would compliment you too very nicely....

    Green snorts-
    Brutus the (just a little Irish) Frenchie

  2. Eli is a cutie. We hope he comes back soon!

    Happy St. Patricks Day!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  3. I hate to admit it but those are some fine lookin' cats!

    Good job keepin' watch over the homestead!

  4. The least you guys could have done was warn poor Eli that cats (aliens) have mind bending capabilities! He was powerless against them.

    Happy Puggie Day!
    Love, Stella

  5. Awww! Eli sure is cute! Maybe not quite as cute as you two, but pretty close!


  6. what great house guests you guys are. I sure would not share my clothes
    Benny & Lily

  7. Yoda & Brutus-

    Thank goodness for kiddie gates, or kitty gates as the case may be!


  8. Aww I bet you had fun! How did your mommy like takign care of 3 pugs?


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