Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yoda here, and Brutus, Ellie & I have to say that mom has been a slacker lately.  She had a whole month off from school and did she help us keep the blog up to date?  No!  She has all of these excuses, but we don't accept any of them.  Of course, now she is back in school and unless we magically grow thumbs the blog will have dust on it by the next time we are able to update it.
"Seriously mom, what's up?!"

She is doing this whole Pugs In the Kitchen thing too which is taking up even more of her time.  Although there are advantages involved in that, mainly tasty noms!
"Come play with me!"

Not only has she been slacking on helping us update the blog, we didn't even get to go to pug meetup this month! 
"Do we get to go see all of our furiends?!"

She got the Fido Rido out, which got us all excited about going to meetup but then it didn't happen :(

Brutus and Ellie tried their best to make mom & dad feel guilty about not taking us to meetup.

Unfortunately, the guilt trip didn't work.  Ellie decided the best thing she could do was just curl up next to mom.  (Don't let this picture deceive you - Ellie really is a little crack dog!  She drives me nuts!!!!)

I on the other hand have been protesting and am refusing to sit next to mom and cuddle until she takes us out on an adventure.  This is how I spend most of my days now - sacked out on my bed across the room from where mom sits.

I think my protest may be working, because I heard her talking to dad about taking us to visit one of our furiends!  Paws crossed!!!


  1. I totally know what you are saying. My humans had almost two weeks off work. Did I get any blogs posts done? No.

  2. That's why I highjack Mom's computer and iPhone BOL
    Dachshund Nola

  3. aaww.....your cute little faces would totally guilt trip my mom. I always hear her say "your forced to be bored inside all day, I should be able to get off my @ss and take for a nice long hour walk."
    Works everytime.

  4. My mom actually has a pretty good excuse, but I've been in the same boat. You all are super cute, but Yoda you look especially sweet in that first and last photos. I can't believe it didn't work into guilting your mom into more posts!

  5. Oh gosh
    I have my paws crossed that you puggies get some entertainment soon! Look at all those cute faces! You need some fun!

  6. Got to work on the guilt trips for the new year
    Benny & Lily


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