Sunday, March 13, 2011

March in the Pugs

OMD!!  We have been gone for sooooo long!!  We have missed all of our bloggy furiends!  Mom is on spring break this week so she promised to help us do a post. 

Ellie is almost all healed up from her spay and Nares surgery and she is doing just fine.

Not much has been going on around here.  We did get to go to March in the Pugs, a fundraising event for, Kentuckiana Pug Rescue!!

Warning.... Photo Heavy Post :)

We got to see so many of our furiends - The Pug Posse, Salinger, Lilo, Apollo, Pugsley & Lola, Murphie JoHank and so many more!!  There were soooo many people & pugs there. 

Mom got this cool sweatshirt.

If you like this - check this page out for instructions on how to order one for yourself.

There was a costume contest...
That is Lilo riding in style with Pugsley of The Pug Posse...

Banana eating contest...

Best shedder contest... This is Apollo's mom and their foster Lazarus...

Pug Races... (Ellie won the 1 and under race,
of course she was the only contestant too - BO

Sleepy little baby sister Ellie...

Here is Jeff Saturday (He is Kiki's brother)

Ellie kept wrapping mom up

Ellie got lots of attention

Look at all the pugs up for adoption.

There were some great raffle items - check it out, nearly three big tables full of stuff!!

There were some great vendors too...  Dr. Florence used to be our vet, but now she has her own practice for alternative therapies.

More vendors...

Lilo's mom at the Pugs in the Kitchen booth

Lilo in her bikini for the costume contest.

This is Wilson... he is just about a month older than Ellie, isn't he adorable!! (you can follow him and his mom on twitter @choicewithhope)

Of course, no post would be complete without a picture of me and Brutus :)

Oh, and here's another one of Ellie (Brutus looks like he is her bodyguard)

and me and mom... 

We have soooooo many more pictures to share, but don't have nearly enough room here.

We hope mom gets done with the school stuff soon so we can get back to our regularly scheduled blogging.  For now, just know that we miss everyone and have been trying to keep up with reading everyone's blogs.

Have a Great Week!!!


  1. Oh, my... I donated to Kentuckiana Pug Rescue last year through my job.... what a worthy cause! It looks like you guys had a great event, and the pictures were beyond cute. Ellie so reminds us of our Gertie... built the same, look the same!

  2. That looks pugtastic! What a fun day!


  3. Hola Chicoss!
    It look you had a Great time!
    wonderfll photos
    Spongy & Licky

  4. Good to see y'all :D Great pug gathering you attended. What fun!

    Waggin at ya,

  5. Awww we wanted to go but got too busy! So glad you all got to go though!


    Minnie Moo

  6. I wish we could make it to this party!!! I would have so much fun! Is this a yearly event in Kentucky? Maybe I can get my mom to start saving money for next year!!

  7. Hello guys and gal! Look at all the fun you three had at March of Pugs. Mom toally wishes we lived near you guys so we could go too.


  8. All those dresses. Wow. Mom recently bought us hangers for all our dresses. Now, we need our own closet.

  9. So many cute little pugs! :) I love that Ellie won her race unopposed.


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