Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Picked On...

Hewo evwybuddy - Ellie here at the puter again.  Does anyone else have brudders that make fun of dem?? 

Yoda & Brutus keep laughing at me when I came home from da vet yesterday looking like this...

Yoda & Brutus called it da cone of shame....  whatevers...  I had to wear it yesterday after going to da vet... 

Mom told me that I had surgery so I wouldn't be able to have puppies since there are soooo many puppies and doggies already in the world.  She also told me that they were going to shoot a laser in my nose so that I can breathe easier.  I don't know what dey did, but my nose is tender and I have been having to sneeze alot.

(**mom's note - she had a Nares surgery where they hit the tissue inside each nostril with a laser to shrink back the tissue. She had tiny little nostrils and had a hard time breathing).

Anyways, mom must have felt bad for me because it wasn't too long before da cone of shame came off.... tank goodness!!!  She put my little pink cupcake shirt on so that I couldn't reach and lick at the incision on my belly.  Mom said that I am not supposed to run, jump, climb for 14 days - she wants to know if anyone out there has any ideas to keep me from doing all dose tings....

I was so tired... I did this most of the day...


  1. Oh my, you tell your brudders to stop making fun of you!! Minnie had that puppy-stopping surgery and she was running like the wind the next day. Didn't phase her a bit!!

    I hope your nose is better real soon; that sounds painful (I've had it done too!). Don't like your stitches now!

  2. I just went through the same thing Ellie. I am telling you, I rocked the cone. Got all KINDS of sympathy. And no, once I was feeling better I was hopping off the sofa and climbing the stairs. Mommy just kept an eye on my stitches. You'll feel better real soon.
    Love Noodles

  3. You poor thing, we hope they stop making fun of you!
    BTW - we LOVE your header picture :)

    Rudy's Raiser

  4. Awww don't worry, you will feel back to normal in no time!!!!

  5. Poor Ellie - Ciara sends you her sympathy. But it is all for a good reason. We hope that laser stuff helps you breathe better - that is very important. But we are sure it will only be a day or two and you will be feeling great.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Awww -- feel better sweetie! Luv Boomer & Mac

    Mom-- The vet always tells me the same keep the pup from jumping and running around but then he says the dog knows bes and wont over exercise and rip stitches so dont worry!The collar comes off as soon as we got home too.

  7. Oh Ellie! Bless your adorable little heart! You tell those brudders to stop picking on you!!

    Momma says when I had my spay, that she does not think I ever even realized that I had surgery! I was running and jumping like nothing ever happened. She tried so hard to keep me calm, but it was hard. She just watched my stitches to make sure they stayed in tact.

    Feel better, sweetie pie!

  8. Brudders can be butts! Mom says so at least. What they don't know is that you will get TONS of extra treats and lovins from the parentals.
    Yeah, I practically did a hurdle jump over the ottoman after I had my surgery. I was fine! There is kind of no way that mom could stop me. hehe.


  9. After your days fur healing are up, woo khan kikhk their PugButts!


  10. Ellie, you made that cone look pretty! I know it's gonna be boring, but you have to rest and not play crazy.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  11. Hello sweet Ellie....we hope you feel better soons. I had nasal surgery but they had to use stiches to hold my nose opens....silly huh.


  12. Tell your brothers to knock it off or I'll send Morgan over there! They will not be laughing then!

    Mom says that the first couple of days after the surgery it's not usually a problem to keep a pup down, but as you start feeling better, it's a lot tougher. Maybe a crate for part of the time so you're away from those pesky brothers would help, or an ex pen in a quiet part of the house. I know it's a pain, but it's better than having problems. I had to go in to the vet after I came home here because my surgery site didn't stay stitched right on the inside and its not fun!


  13. Brothers can be a pain, but so can sisters. If they keep it up, you let me know and I'll come body slam them for you. I am all for protecting cute pug sisters.


  14. Poor baby. They are just jealous they don't have a lamp shade on their head
    Benny & Lily

  15. Hope you are feeling better real soon. Hope you can breathe better too. As for keeping calm, the only thing I could do was keep our dog seperate or in his crate. Be careful. You don't want to bust one of those stitches. Good luck!

  16. Aww Ellie,

    I've been there for the no puppies and nose surgery. Trust me you will feel better in no time and you can make fun of your brothers once again.

    Good luck keeping still. My mama has no ideas on how to do that.


    Minnie Moo

  17. Aw, you still look cute in your cone of shame!

  18. oh no!! i'm not looking forward to wearing the cone of shame in a few weeks.

  19. Brava to your mommy for having you spayed! You still look cute with your cone, Ellie, it's a badge of honor! I did not know about the Nares surgery... I will ask our good Dr. Tom about it, to see if it will help Hannah with her snoring. Thanks for telling us about it!

  20. Awww, poor Ellie. But I think all of us have had to wear the cone of shame at least once in our lives. I'm glad that you made it through all your surgeries okay. It was good seeing you last weekend your normal fiesty self.

  21. i feel your pain, i just noticed your post again. i did like the cloud collar more, very soft, bouncy and fun.


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