Sunday, July 11, 2010

July Pug Meetup

We had such a fun day yesterday at pug meetup.  We got to see some of our bloggy friends and their pawrents and we met some new friends as well :)

I checked out the scene when we arrived.

Salinger's Mom was passing out treats

Salinger's Dad giving Apollo some good butt scritches


Me and Hank checking out something good smelling in the grass

Dad and Brutus just chillin'

There was alot of running around being done

We got to meet this frenchie named Ella

She was very sweet.

This big guy was Rocco...

Rocco again...

He was the biggest pug we have ever seen - just look at him in comparison to me!!!

Lilo and her wonderful momma Jess.

Jess put together a scrapbook for the Pug Posse Pawrents in memory of their sweet Jasmine who went to the bridge not too long ago.  Several bloggy friends contributed pages to the book.

This special marker was given to them as well.

Miley and her mom.

Miley showing off her frog legs :)

Pug Posse Mom with Berniece.

Blogger Photo

Time to go...

On the way home.

We hope everyone had a great weekend, we sure did!!


  1. We luv your post and Miley is a cutie!

  2. That frenchie looks SO adorable!!! And it looks like you guys were tuckered out! Sorry we missed seeing you guys!

  3. You Pugs have all the fun!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Wow, what an awesome meet-up. You are so lucky to live next to so many bloggy friends. What a wonderful thing you all did to honor Jasmine.

    Holy Mack truck that Rooo looks like a real bruiser. He may be the biggest pug I've ever seen too. I am glad you had such a fun weekend. I hope you week is great too.

  5. You Pugs are party animals!


  6. I bet that is as much fun as a bunch of Sibes wooing together!


  7. Man, you pugs are party animals!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  8. It was great to see everyone again at the park!!! We had so much fun!!!! I'm so glad we could do this for The Pug Posse!! It was a good feeling!!



  9. Haha! A Frenchie infiltrated your ranks! A beefy girl she is too! So awesome that you puggies all get to meet up. We've given up trying to find other Frenchies around here, maybe we'll just go hang out with the local pugs...

    Brutus & Carmen

  10. You Indy bloggers have all the fun! Glad you guys got to see all of your friends! You sure did look like you were having a great time! Love, Arlo

  11. What a fun meet-up!
    I wish we had meet-ups like that
    in Vegas. Maybe Daisy and I can come out
    to Indy and party with you guys.

    We hope you have a great week!

    -Dana & Daisy

  12. Oh my goodness what a bunch of good lookin'pugs!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  13. Wooow guys you have such great pug meetings!!!! love them!! I hope we will have this here also one day .. I have a question though... where can I get such a dog-collar ( if this is correct ) for a pug, one like the pink one Miley has. But in blue of course :) can I order this on the internet ?
    Thnak you
    Cioco- The PUG

  14. What great pics of a whole bunch of adorable puggies! Yous guys are real lucky!

  15. Oh... we do love looking at the photos of the puggie (and 'dat frenchie) meet ups!! So much funs!! And na na na na boo boo boo's!! We's just got to meet one of dem puggies tonight's!! Hee Hee!!

    We are glad that 'da Pug Posse Pawrents got 'dere Beautifuls Scrapbooks!!

    We thinks about them and hold them in our hearts~

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  16. Hi Yoda, Hi Brutus,

    I fond it on amazon. Mommy is gonna order it for me. what size are you? what should I order ? a S or a M? :)

    Thank you!!
    Cioco - The PUG


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