Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

It is HOT here in Central Indiana!!  We have been limited to going outside for potty time only.  The heat index today is supposed to reach 107!!

While we get to enjoy the A/C, there are many dogs out there that are suffering.  We are talking about those that are left outside in the extreme heat by uncaring owners, backyard breeders and puppy mills.  Kentuckiana Pug Rescue helps the pugs rescued from these inhumane conditions, but KPR needs your help too!!

You can help Kentuckiana Pug Rescue help those pugs in need!!  Please go here and vote for KPR.  Help them win so they can continue to help those that need them!!  You can vote once a day per IP address - so vote at home, work and on your cell phone, if it has internet capability!!

If you would like to donate direct to KPR, you can also do that via their website.

For those of you within driving distance, KPR's next fundraising event will be held in Lebanon, IN at the Boone County Fairgrounds - more details can be found here.

KPR is currently caring for Sassy and her 7 puppies - you can check out the live feed here.  They also have another rescued pug that is expecting as well.  Chyna is due to give birth in just a couple of weeks.

Thank you for visiting - we hope everyone out there is keeping cool!!!


  1. hi yoda and brutus!
    oh stay cool today!
    thank you for everything you do for pug rescue!
    you are wonderful!
    have a super coooool weekend!
    m & e

  2. Hi Yoda & Brutus!

    It`s been very hot here in PA as well. Lucius and I are spending alot of time cat napping in the AC!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  3. That is way to hot. You better stay inside. Kudos to the Pug Rescue for helping the puggies
    Happee Saturday
    Benny & Lily

  4. Stay cool boys snack on some falvored crushed ice!

  5. Furry smart of woo!

    We have the same kind of weather here in Pawsylvania -


    Stay khool and hydrated!


  6. I'm not a big fan of the heat.

  7. Thanks for the reminder to keep our pets cool! Are your pups rescues? If they are I would *love* it if you joined the R.O.A.R. Squad (stands for Rescue Owners Are Rockin). We don't have any pugs yet- let me know if you are interested! :) Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh, yeah! We have the same heatwave here over Illinois! I am darned tired of it!

    I hope KPR gets a lot of donations to help keep it going. It's so important!


  9. Yuck, St. Louis is hot too! Make your momma give you a little ice cube, it's my favorite! Stay cool dudes!


  10. Oh is as hot there as it is here in Texas!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo
    The Tree Dogketeers

  11. Nice post, fellas!

    Aw, HAIL! I fergot tuh vote tuhday! Thanks fer the reminder.

    Stay cool!

  12. Hi Yoda and Brutus
    sometimes my mommys will wet me down with a cool wash cloth just to make sure I stay cool. We don't have air conditioner, but moms keep me cool.
    Sometimes they put the coolness under my arm pit and my ears.
    Thank you to you and your family for helping the pugs in need. We will go vote.
    Will you send me a baby sissy?

  13. Hope you stay cool, Yoda and Brutus. Although you are already way too cool!!

    Visiting from the Sat blog hop: Come visit us:


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