Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vet Visit

Hey there everyone, Brutus here.  Yoda's nail is doing better, but he didn't feel like blogging today so I am doing it for him.

I had my yearly vet visit yesterday and I am happy to say I am a svelte 26.4 pounds.. down a pound from last year :)  After some discussion with mom & dad, the vet thinks I may have a bit of an allergy causing me to lick on my legs.  She prescribed benadryl for me twice a day - I get a yummy treat when I get my medicine so I don't care (as long as there is food involved I am happy).

Here I am at the vet's office in the exam room.

Yoda went along for moral support (that and mom wanted the vet to check his nail to to be sure there wasn't anything else that needed to be done - the vet said the quick on his nail is scabbing up and appears to be healing). He was watching the door waiting for the vet.

The vet's office is just a few minutes from the house and luckily we weren't there for very long so we weren't gone from home for very long.

It was cold and snowy outside yesterday so we had to snuggle together for warmth - you would have thought mom or dad would have put the blanket over us, but no all mom did was go and get the camera all the while mumbling about how cute we were being....hey lady, we are COLD - turn up the heat!! (Yoda is on the left, I am on the right)

Hope everyone out there is staying warm....can't wait for this cold weather to be over with.  Is it spring yet?


  1. the two of you look so adorable!! i can see why the momma wanted to take your picture. but she still should have covered you up!! remember that the next time she wants to borrow so puggy heat =)



  2. It is indeed cold outside, Brutus! But in just about 45 days or so, we'll hear those heart-warming words once again: Pitchers and catchers report to spring training!! :)

  3. Hi guys,

    We can see why your mom ran to get the camera. You boys are adorable! We wish the warm weather would get here soon too.


  4. Glad you are feeling better. You guys look adorable puggling together. My Lily is very familiar with Benadryl.
    Nite nite
    Benny & Lily

  5. Ok one pic snuggling and then one pic under the blankets next times...tell the Momma that!

  6. I'm ready for some warm weather, too! At least you have each other for moral support.


  7. Brutus, buddy.....some times I'll do that with O'Mally, but only if I'm REALLY cold!

  8. two are so cute and snuggly!

    Brutus...we are about the same weight!!!! Two svelte gentlepugs! HAHAHAHAAA!

    Yoda, we're glad to hear that your nail is better! We were worried about your poor little paw!


  9. Oh, you two do look awfully cute snuggling!

    I am so glad Yoda's nail is healing up. It looked like it must have hurt!

    Brutus, I weigh 21 pounds, and my vet thinks I need to weigh 18 pounds!! Isn't that nuts?! I don't plan on losing a single pound!


  10. Oh, I have never seen anything so CUTE! Do you guys know my friend Paco? He's a Pig too and he has HIS OWN BLOG :D
    Forgive me for this shameless link, but I'm such a PUG fan!!

  11. Oh, not a PIG (but he does EAT ANYTHING) :D
    you know what I meant ;)


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