Sunday, December 13, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas and Paw it Forward

We helped mom & dad finish up the Christmas decorations.

Brutus posing with the tree

Brutus pointing out that there are no presents under the said Santa Paws will put presents under the tree but we have to wait until Christmas.

Mom made us wear these Christmas Collars - Here is Brutus proudly modeling his.

Me on the other hand, I refused to look at the camera while wearing it.

Putting on my most pathetic look - notice I still refuse to look at the camera.

On a another note, we are going to do our Paw it Forward.  If you want to play in our Paw it Forward, please send an email to our Mom at  We will accept requests until Friday, 12/18 and then we will pick 3 random names to participate.


  1. Hi Yoda, Hello Brutus, you got a very nice Christmas tree, and I bet you are excited what gifts you'll get for Christmas. Have you been naughty or nice? Well let's see. Merry Christmas to both of you.

    Coffee and Oreo and AL

  2. What a pretty tree!!!

    You both look very FESTIVE in your collars! (hahahahaha!)


    Pee S. Mom said your Christmas card makes her saw "AWWW" every time she walks by it hanging up on the door!

  3. Brutus looks so handsome modeling his collar but I can understand why you don't want to wear one Yoda.. heehee but you do look
    cute and uber pathetic.

    Love your tree!

  4. What a prettttty tree! And I like your collars! Very snazzy!

  5. I bet you were a big help putting up the Christmas tree, looks real nice.

    Your collars are adorable.

  6. Those collars are so cute, its ok not to look at the camera I don't when I wear my jingle bell collar eithers.

    Nice tree too!


  7. Yoda, buddy! Nice tree!

    Yeah, I know whut yuh mean about them collars. Mom made me wear mine fer our CHRISTMAS CARD! Oh, God......

  8. Hey guys! Ye look dashing in your christmas collars! :)
    Me and Oisín gave ye an award! Its on our blog so come by and check it out! :)

    Manda and Oisín

  9. Don't worry, Santa Paws will be here soon! How can he resist your two in your Christmas collars?

    Stella, Gunther & Betty

  10. Mom is telling me Santa Paws looks very favorably on the doggies who let their moms put silly clothes on them to pose for Christmas photos. If that's true, looks like you (& me, just wait to see what she's done....) will be up to our ears in pressies!!

    Holiday Snorts-
    Brutus the Frenchie

  11. nice, i like your tree and i do like you looking away from the to teach those hoomans a lesson

    not to worry, i'll explain to Santapaws and you'll still get your pressies



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