Monday, November 9, 2009

November Pug Meetup w/ Special Guests

Hey everyone, we had a great weekend!!  On Saturday we got to go to Pug Meetup and Mom told us that a couple of very special guest would be there but she wouldn't tell us who it was.

There were a lot of pugs in costume at this meetup as it was the special Howloween edition.  There was a costume contest and our buddy Lilo came in first place - say Howwwwdyyyyyy!  She was Minnie Pearl!

Here are some of our other furiends in costume.


Here are some other random costumed pugs

Some more random pics from meetup

We didn't see anyone special there at first and thought maybe mom was starting to lose it a bit when we saw them....It was Heather with Harry Pugalicious all the way from Birmingham!!!  What a great surprise!

Here's Harry checking things out.

We had a ton of fun at Pug Meetup and here is the Indy Blogger photo with our special guests, Heather & Harry (Just ignore the three posers in the back on the upper right - we don't know who they are, bastages snuck in our picture!).

After the regular meetup, the Pug Posse was kind enough to have a mini-meetup back at their house so everyone could spend some more time with Heather & Harry.  Of course Brutus and I think it was just an excuse for them to get together and eat (us pugs don't need excuses to eat).

We do have to say that it was nice to meet Heather & Harry in person, errrr pugson?...


Dad with Berniece of the Pug Posse

Denny (Pug Posse) offering Hank a beer

Sarah (Hank's Mom) eating some of Mom's apple pie...with some help :)


I (Yoda) was just chillin' on Mom's lap towards the end of the night

Hank found a good spot on Laura's (Salinger's Mom) lap for some good butt scratches

We took another Indy Blogger picture too, without the posers this time.

It was nice hanging out with all of our other pug furiends and people too.  We always look forward to the Pug Meetups as they are always so much fun and everyone is always so nice.


  1. Mom just choked laughing at the BASTAGES that sneaked into our pic!!!! (BASTAGES!!! LOL!)

    Great pics!!!! So great to see you guys as always and Cindy...your pie was FABULOUS!!! (Mmmm...PIE!)


  2. You guys had such a great time! And the pic of Hank's mom trying to eat the pie -- OMG! pugs everywhere!!!!!! Heeeeeeeeee! Such great pics, thanks for sharing!

  3. OMD what great times! Look at all the pugs. So much funs.


  4. Cindy, got some great shots!

    Git this.....ya know how my mom took home some o' yer pie? Well, she didn't share ONE bite with me!!! She just stuffed it in 'er face and went on about how good it was!

    Anyways, it was good tuh to see you an' the guys!

  5. It is so great that you all get together like that!! The costumes were fun to see - we liked the pug with the little jockey, as well as the froggy pug the best! I bet you are still feeling a little snoozy after all that excitement!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  6. BOL.BOL.hysterical AND you got to meet your friends!
    Benny & Lily

  7. Oh my pug...theres a lot of pugs! Looks like you all had so mcuh fun.

  8. You guys are so lucky to live close enough to do that! :) Very jealous.

    Was there a pug puppy there???? Fun!

  9. Oh you guys are so lucky always going to meetups! All the costumes were great. Thanks for sharing all the pics.


  10. Great photos! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one with Sarah eating pie...and the vultures (i.e. pugs) surrounding her. LMAO!

  11. oooohhhhh!
    how fun! i love your photos! what a great pug meetup weekend!

    emmitt and i so wish we lived closer!

    m & e


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