Thursday, July 2, 2009


We had some visitors this week. As you know mom and dad have been watching our furry little (big) cousin Winston. Well earlier this week we got a surprise, Winstons daddy, his two furless sisters and his little furry brother Tolkein came to visit and spend the week with us (They live near Chicago and we don't get to visit with them very often). Oh how fun!! It would have been nicer if mom and dad didn't have to go to work, but we have had fun with the girls, Winston and Tolkein. Here is a picture of Winston and Brutus.

Here is Tolkein. He kind of looks like our kitty sister, Einstein (mom snuck a picture of Einstein in the last post). He is about as big as Einstein too.

Here is a picture of our cousin Kendra and me attacking, er I mean greeting her with bunches of pug kisses. I think she enjoyed it, just look at the smile on her face. I am just a blur of motion.

This is Madelynn giving Brutus a big hug. Aren't they sweet :)

Tolkein and I decided to chill on the couch. My goodness what big ears he has - I think they are bigger than his head.

Mom and dad have the day off tomorrow - I am sure they are going to spend the entire day with us. What else would they have to do? Til next time, keep the tails up and noses sniffing for food.


  1. Love the pics. Tolkein is a doll. And he does have some big ears!! Enjoy your day off and we'll see you on Saturday!

  2. Hi guys! you had a fun week with all the visitors! HOW FUN! I am not allowed to visit any doggie for 15 days and then I have to go to places with not too many doggies... yeah, boring.

  3. Super cute photos, guys! Looks like you guys had a bunch of fun with the visitors!


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