Monday, June 10, 2013

Long Weekend

So mom and dad had planned a nice long weekend and took last Friday off.  Unfortunately, our grandpa (dad's dad) is in the hospital so mom and dad didn't get to spend much time with us the weekend.  The good news is that grandpa is gradually getting better (he had to have a quintuple bypass surgery!).  If you could send some healing juju for our grandpa we would really appreciate it!!

Pippa is slowly worming her way into our hearts.  Pretty sure Brutus has accepted her as part of the family, but I am still a bit wary of this little bitty thing with the sharp needle teeth!  Can you all believe that she tries to take the rope away from me!

I am trying though - I impressed mom by jumping up and laying down next to Pippa.


Waiting for mom to come back out and play 

Have a good week everyone!!


  1. OMG I JUST LOVE PUGS!! I just learned about you from Molly the Wally's blog and I am so happy that I did! I am now your newest follower! My name is Dakota and I am at Dakota's Den
    It is sooooooo nice to meet you!

  2. That Pippa is such a sweetie!

    And sending lots of healing juju to Grandpa!

  3. Ellie, soon you will be best buds!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta
    PEE S sending prayers for your grandpa.

  4. ah pippa is so cute....we have that same bitey sharp teeth problem at our house with gussie, mom needs to buy stock in bully sticks!
    stella rose

  5. Those baby teethees are the worst! But Pippa looks like she will eventually turn into a fun dog. . . even if she is just part PUG. I sent some juju to your grandpa last week but I made a new batch over the weekend. So I am sending some FRESH juju his way this week.
    Love Noodles

  6. Aww, Pippa is a cutie, almost as cute as you were when you were little, Miss Ellie! I hope you teach her how to be a Pug Princess like you!


  7. I am sending healing wishes to Grandpa too!
    We love all the cuteness in these photos,,,,Many smiles! Pippa is so cute,


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