Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pug Party!!

We are a bit behind on posting so we are going to try and make up for it this week.  Stay tuned for a giveaway, a snoozle, a graduation and so much more.

Today, we have to tell you all about the pug party we went to yesterday!!  Our friend Kiki, her momma Punchy and her momma's friend L came for a visit!!  L adopted Vinny from KPR!!  YAY for another puggy with a furever home!!

This is Vinny...  He is blind, but he doesn't let that stop him from having a good time!!

Princess Mia OR as mom and dad were calling her...  Mini Mia - BOL!!  She is full grown but smaller than Ellie!!

Apollo's mom and Kiki

Princess Mia and Jess (We love the Lilo Memorial Tattoo!!!)

Kiki was just chilling waiting for her brothers, Stewie and Jeff, to get to the party...

Here's Jeff now!  Punchy picked up Jeff and gave him a big hug...  Look how big he is!!

Jeff wasn't sure he wanted to be next to his sister (Dude, Brutus & I can relate!!)

Littermates - from left:  Kiki, Stewie & Jeff...

Ellie was following Kiki around getting tips and ideas from her (not sure mom & dad approved this)...

Brutus was waiting for someone to give him a snack...

Mia again...  Jeez mom, did you take enough pictures of Mia??!!


Gus decided to cool off and got in the pool...

Ellie's not so sure about this guy...

Gus proceeded to sit down in the pool and bark for the next hour or so :)

Jeff was cooling off by the mister in shade...

Really Mom?  Mia again??

Mia and Ellie...

Hmmm.... someone is sitting like a kitty with their paws tucked under.  Mom, are you sure Mia is a dog??

Kiki was all tuckered out from the fun day...

I was still raring to go...  Come on everyone - the night has just begun!!

Brutus wasn't sure what to do...

Mia took a nap...  

So did Apollo

and Ellie....  Look at her sleeping sitting up!!

Dad holding a sleepy Kiki...

We had a Great time!!  It was so nice to see everyone!!  We are glad we got to see Kiki and her momma again too!!  We want to thank The Pug Posse for hosting this fun get together!!  


  1. Wow, that looks like a blast! I can relate to Brutus who was hanging by the chairs waiting for a nibble vice playing. We are so glad that Lilo's mom was there for everyone to give her lots of kisses.
    PS. I don't blame your mom for all those pics of Mia...she is a cutie.

  2. What a happy pug time you had!!! Looks like you all found a good way to have fun and to stay cool.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. You guys are so lucky to have puggie friends close by and to have parties!!!

    Love the dude in the pool barking!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  4. You Pugs sure know how to party! I'm glad everybody had a good time!


  5. Awesome party! Love seeing Ellie grow!

  6. We FINALLY arrived back in New York!! We miss everyone already and can't wait until we can have time together again! Miss Kiki is passed out under the table! It was wonderful to see you all and Miss Ellie is so adorable!

  7. That looked like a fabulous party. Bet everyone, pugs and humans, crashed after!

  8. Mia looks like a lil Tiffy sitting like a cat the way Tiffy does. Yay for Vinny getting a good home. We still wish we lived in Indy to see all you all and play. Emma and Gus could totally sit in the pool together and bark at everyone.

    The Girls

  9. what a great party! Next time can I come?!


  10. puddles of puggerific pandemonium!!! What fun!

  11. ohhhh!
    what a fabulous pug party!
    what great photos of the fun day!

  12. Gosh we missed this one ALMOST,, but here I am!
    What a party! It looked like so much fun!
    All the puggies are so cute..
    and we love the tatoo on Jess,, for Lilo's memory.
    All those puggie look mischievious


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