Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just a couple things

So we missed on blogging about a few things since mom is such a slacker.

We won a contest that was held by our furiend Winston and his kitty sisters, Kizzy & Tika...  Sorry it took us so long to post about this Winston - we blame it all on our mom!!

Here is what we Mom won...
 Mom said these chocolates were delicious. 
 We also participated in sweater day in honor of Stubby and this is the box of goodies that we got just for pawticipating!!  This was also from Winston and his sisters.

Check out this cool magnet...

 ...and it's place on our fridge

Again, we apologize to Winston for mom's slackitude...

In other happenings, our furiend Eli stayed for a few days while his pawrents were out of town.  Poor guy didn't know he was going to have to put up with our wild sister Ellie.  She harassed him all day on Saturday and then finally on Sunday she relaxed a bit and they started playing together.  Mom was slacking again and didn't get their great games of chase on video.

Here is Eli...  He is such a fun guy.

Here Ellie is trying out her stalking technique on him...  see how she is moving so fast that she is just a blur!!

Dad got out some tasty treats for all of us - look at how nice all of us sit...  Don't let the camera angle fool you, Ellie is not bigger than me.  It just looks that way.

and more treats

I, along with mom & dad, am in mourning.  Our beloved Red Wings were knocked out of the playoffs by the Sharks.  We are now going to cheer for Winston's team... the Vancouver Canucks!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!


  1. Hi you guys! I can't believe how big our Ellie girl is getting! Looks like she kept Eli on his toes! :)


  2. Yes, that was Leopold from KPR-

    I met his foster Dad and his foster sibs Pip, and the rest of the brindle bugs- super nice peeps!!!!

    The KPR booth was right across from my table!

    I was seeing if I recognized anyone and hoping to see some of you guys :(

    The turn out was great!!!

    Lots of pugs and smooshies-

    KPR, NIPRA, and Miami Rescue was there!!

    Super cool!!!!

    I know, it is a drive-
    and I'm sure it's further for you all to travel-


  3. Nice Post! Glad I found this blog!

    If you're into photography, check out my blog. I'm a photographer!

    If you want, follow it and I'll do the same. Thank you. :)

  4. Hi Guys, tell your momma not to worry abouts posting. She has been busy and these things happens. Wow Ellie what a rebel!!!!!!!!

    Well I am sorry to hears abouts your team. I am hoping that my team will beat them. Salinger's mom wants Canucks to kick their butt. They are very upset about not winning against them. Dad will be so happy if Canucks beat SJ!



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