Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rudy Gets A New Home....

As we told you all the other day, KPR Foster Pug Rudy was getting a new home with actress/author Mackenzie Philips...

Dad couldn't get out of work, so mom made the decision to leave Brutus & I at home and just take Ellie...

Even though we would have liked to have met a real life celebrity, we were both content to stay and home and have a nice nap without having to hear baby sister cry about having to be in a crate all day.

I'll let Ellie take it from here...

Hewwo Evwyone!!!!!  Tanks big brudder Yoda, I will tells a good story :)

So, mom came home at lunch time and picked me up to take with her to meet this Mackenzie lady that Yoda mentioned....  Mom told me that we were going to meet a famous celebwity....  As long as I am out of my crate and away from my brudders for a bit, I am a happy girl.

So we got to Petco a bit early, but pretty soon there were bunches of people there and alot of pugs too!!

Pretty soon there was some commotion and I saw my buddy Rudy!!  The nice lady holding his leash knew my name!!!  She came right over to me and told me that I was very cute (of course!!).  She also told me that she she knows me from the pictures that mom puts on twitter and that she even has several of those pictures saved on her phone!!  Can you believe it!!  Does that make me a celebwity for a celebwity??

Rudy is my buddy and I am very happy that he is going to a home where he is going to be spoiled like every pug should be!

Here I am say hewwo to Rudy...

Mom says this picture says alot about my attitude (or Sallytude as she calls it)...  Does anyone know what she means by that??

Here we all are.... Mackenzie & Mom

Mackenzie was very nice and took pictures and talked to everyone!!

There were news people there too....  Lots of publicity for KPR!!!

More interviews

Check out this cake - those are little pug head candies on there... too cute!!

Our friend Hank was there...

Mom and I...

Hank again...

Rudy and his new mom :) 

Also check out the news stories here and here...

Here is link to the site with the video of her interview on the morning news.

We are so happy that Rudy has a new home and thankful to Mackenzie for providing that home and giving KPR such a great opportunity for publicity!!!


  1. How cool that your Mom and Ellie were able to meet Mackenzie Phillips. Mom says she has had a tough life and she knows that she will be so good to little Rudy. Thanks for sharing this exciting event.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. This was a very cool post!
    We are so happy for Rudy,, and his new mom ROCKS.
    I think all this publicity makes you a celebwitty for sure. It was so fun looking at all the photos.
    Thank you for taking the time to share all the photos with us,

  3. that is very exciting for rudy. i hope she has fun with mckenzie phillips!


  4. What a special day! Rudy gets a great Mom and furever home; lots of good publicity for a great organization and a fun and exciting event for all! Wahoo! Great photos! Thanks for sharin :D


  5. Ellie, honey.....first off, I'm thinkin' "Sallytude" means ya been hangin' out with our pal, Sal.

    Second, hope yer mom don't mind that I managed tuh git in nearly every one o' her pitchers!

    Third, did we have fun or WHUT??

  6. You are a celebrity, Ellie! I sure wish Momma would have driven me down to Indy to meet Mackenzie and Rudy. I've been busy my first week here but going to an outing with a bunch of pugs and peeps would have been the icing on the cake!

    Momma says we are probably coming to Indy for one of your meet ups when it gets warmer. I don't know when that will be but Momma will let your mom know.


  7. WOW!!!!!!!! totally cool story with a greats ending for Rudy. Yous met a celebrity and she nows owns a pug, I mean she is now owned by a pug BOL. How cool is thats!


  8. This is so awesome! Yay for Rudy! :)

  9. Wow Wow Wow!!! That was quite the event. And look at Ms. Sallytude showing Rudy a good time. Have to say that a celebrity who loves pugs is definitely on our Good list.

    Kitty and Coco

  10. I'm so jealous you guys got to meet her! Stupid Mom couldn't get away from work. Well, thanks for recapping it for the rest of us. It certainly looks like you all had fun. And what a cool celebrity she is to adopt a Pug, and from KPR!

  11. hi ellie, yoda and brutus!
    oh what a wonderful post!
    it looks like you had such a great time.
    we LOVE the photos!
    Rudy is such a lucky puggy!
    a & m

  12. That is so cool. We hope Rudy and Mackenzie are very happy together. What great publicity for KPR.


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. sorry-
    me's had peanutty butter paws-
    so me's had to re-type~

    Hey guys-

    me's been visiting all me furiends over 'da past few days-

    We read Rudy's story and are glad he got a home~

    Her new Momma looks so happy wits him!

    Momma says 'dat yous Momma's hair cut is cute-

    okays- me's done wits 'da girly chat- me sissy's are usually better at 'dis speakin' of which-
    IzZY says hi to Brutus(eyes rolling)


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