Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Invasion… Of sorts :)

Hahaha – us kitties have hacked into the puggies blog!!  They are sleeping right now and have no clue we borrowed the momma’s ‘puter to help spread our cuteness to the world.

Now we love our brother pugs (ok, Miko might not love them as much as mom & dad would like him too – the big chicken!), but we wanna know how they get a blog and we don’t – oh the humanity!!  After all, we were here long before our pug brothers! 

Mom keeps promising to set us up with a blog of our own – yeah right, we will believe it when we see it Mom!!

So for now, we will have to sneak on here while the pugs nap.

We have made brief appearances on this blog before, but let me introduce all of the kitties once more.   First off, I am the youngest of the kitties  and the kitty princess – Einstein.  I am the only girl in the bunch besides momma.  I am also the most vocal (I get what I want that way :) )  I love to ride around on mom’s shoulders or curl up on her chest while she is trying to do something she thinks is important – like homework.  Why do homework when there is a kitty that needs attention!!


Mom calls me by several nicknames, but my favorites are Princess, Punkin’ and Forever Kitten (because I am so little – I only weigh 6 lbs).

I also like to cuddle with the puggies and have no problems with them.  Here is a picture of me cuddling with Yoda.

Yoda & Einstein 01-09-05_01 

My kitty brothers, Max & Miko, truly are brothers.  They were the last two kittens left in the litter and mom & dad couldn’t bear to separate them.

Max is ok with Yoda & Brutus, but doesn’t like them to get in his way.  He leaves them alone and they leave him alone.  They have a good understanding.

This is mom’s favorite picture of Max.

Max 01 

and last but not least there is Miko.  He is a momma’s kitty and loves being around her.  He will follow her from room to room (if the doggies aren’t already).  He will give her backrubs too :)

Miko is not a big fan of the doggies – he avoids them like the plague.  Although he is alot better than he used to be.  He will actually be in the same room with him now!  He must be mellowing with age – MOL!!!

Miko 01-13-07_05

So now you know a little more about the kitties behind the pugs!  We hope you enjoyed this break from your regularly scheduled pug programming :)

Bird Watching 01-06-05_01

Meow at ya later - Einstein


  1. Nice to meet the three of you as well. I love the last photo. It is so cute. It is nice that you mostly get along with your pug siblings. I have a kitty fur cousin but I have never met her in person. I am not sure she would tolerate me. lol


  2. Love that last photo! So cool! Nice to know we aren't the only cats that have to sneak to get on the dog blog! MOL

  3. Oh, it so good to see you kitties! I ask myself the same question - why does Pip get a blog and I don't. I am just as cute and twice as smart! We kitties must demand equal time!

    Your feline friend, Rosie (Pip's sister)

  4. Why hello there you lovely felines you! Glad to meet you!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  5. Hi there kitties. We love to hear from you too. Lincoln and I have a kitty brother. He's old though and he hates us. Oh well, we try to play with him anyway...


    Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

  6. Oh ohs! There are kitties on the run! Glad to meet you fellow Kitties. Just don't try something drastic with the blog.
    ~Baby and Lucy

  7. furry nice to meet you and send you our welcome toots. we cant wait to hear more of your side of the adventures at your palace. we know you guys rule the household eh???

    pibble sugars,wee wiggles and puppybreath licks
    the pittie pack


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